Carolina, with every color under the rainbow.  Or very near to it.

A necklace with paper collage and beaded surround.  She’s been just the bright and  lively ticket to chase away the doldrums.

She smiles.  She twinkles.  I bet she even has a secret she’s not sharing.


Cuppa Tea, Mad Hatter?

IMG_4112Yes indeed, he’s off to the party with his cuppa, wearing pokla-dotted finery.

Another embellished pendant featuring an Alice in Wonderland character, accented with glitteratti inks (green, yellow and pink).  The whole kept safe under a glass cabochon.

I had a lot of fun using crazy colors in the beadwork.  I’ve had the pink bugles for ages, and could never get them into a piece before.  I do like how they turned out.  The rest are silver, yellow and chartreuse seeds.

The silver bail is glued on.  I’m finding these bails to be more satisfactory than beading bails.

The back is my usual faux leather.

Do you think the Mad Hatter will wait for Beaux Bunny to show up?

Sewing Camp

IMG_3953Starts Today

This year I am participating, driving from home up to the civilized wilds of Lake Tahoe for four FOUR FOUR glorious days of sewing bliss. Can you tell I’m excited?

This year I’ll be attending a new venue.  We’ll be staying in a formal “Conference Center” rather than a historic hospital in Virginia City.  (The Viginia City locale has become a formal Artists Retreat, and groups like us no longer fit their business model).  So, unlike previous years, there are no ghosts that I know of.

While there may (or may not) be ghosts, I am assured there is plentiful natural light.  Tables to set things up on.  Views of Lake Tahoe.  Food to keep us going.

The necklaces above my contribution to the Sewing Camp Goody Bags.  The images are all vintage sewing motifs, captured under glass cabs.  Well, maybe not captured so much as printed and glued down tight.   Simple and appropriate.

The only gotcha I’ve been told about is that sewing with one’s wine glass next to the sewing machine is, apparently, frowned on.

I have a lidded mug.  It is opaque.


IMG_3672A bead crocheted necklace fit for an Empress.

Deep dark matte green beads highlighted with a pop of gold make up the body, while the carved jade pendant sets the whole off with boldness.

The creation of this piece was fairly straight forward.  In fact, it’s been finished for several weeks.  I just couldn’t for the life of me think of what to name it…

My usual pun-inspired ideas weren’t working.  This necklace has depth and weight; something cute just wouldn’t do.

It reminds me of the deep dark ocean depths.  Probably because the pendant is a carved fish.

It’s a nice fish though, no spikes or sharp teeth like the actual denizens of the Marianis Trench.

Wild Horses

IMG_3453Spring in the Sierra’s usually leads to talk of wild horses.  What to do about them?  Where should they be allowed?  The local paper carries reports covering many sides of the argument: Bureau of Land Management, ranchers, farmers, wildlife enthusiasts, animal welfare activists.

A Wild Horse necklace in their honor.

The pendant is another ceramic focal from Tucson.  Bronze pearls and crystals make the piece a bit dressy, though still compatible with your favorite pair of boots. Cowgirl Up!IMG_3456



Every so often, a body needs to make a statement.  To say something specific, ending with a decisive period.  Period.  This is the kind of necklace to wear.  Resolute.  Determined.  Strong.  Classy.

A bead crochet necklace with a lovely carved jade pendant to keep it firmly anchored.  Scattered throughout the sea green rope is an occasional hint of green gold.  That picks up the greens and tans of the jade.  A subtle pop of color, if popping colors are subtle.

The jade is carved on both sides, though it is not a mirrored duplicate.  There are variations which mean it was hand carved, rather than computer-milled on a machine.

What will your statement be?

Steampunk Butterflies

IMG_3379Once I got the hang of the various papers and how they operated with the glue,  things got a little crazy.  Experiments were happening all over the place.  You could almost see colored smoke wafting out the door.

More pendants, this time combining small watch-style gears.  These are actual metal mechanical parts, they are not paper.  These experiments pretty much ruined a pair of wire cutters too.  Snipping off the spindles which were attached to these gears put some severe nicks and dents in those cutters.  I am thankful I didn’t use my good ones!

Now…where was I?  Oh yes: pendants.  Paper, butterflies and gears, each with it’s own color coordinated beady bezel.  Shall we take flight?