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Not a real word, though it sums up this necklace rather nicely, don’t you think?

Something completely different, as Monty Python would say.  Do I date myself using that phrase?  Who cares!

Funky tassels with their tips dyed orange, blue and pink.  Each tassel is bound with a peyote band of silver beads.

The necklace is strung with glass druks and silver beads in various sizes.  It’s very light.  Suitable for summer.


Dancing Madonna




This Madonna is ready to kick up her heels.  In fact, I think she has red nailpolish on her toeses.  She’s a Beatles Madonna!

The cabochon is dichroic glass from Weir Glass Studio The face is carved bone, though not ivory.

The beads are, well, all different sorts.  Seed.  Nugget.  Triangle. Crystal.  Bugle.  Probably something in between too!  I had a lot of fun creating her.  The most I’ve smiled in a long time.

She’s one crazy lady!

Green Man


It’s no secret, I like making pins.  I know not many people wear them today, which is sad.  They can be subtle or bold.  Unobtrusive or a stand out.  Even better, once attached, they don’t get in the way.

I well remember the Madeleine Albright’s phrase: “Read My Pins”.

What would Green Man say about his wearer?  He has a natty strand across his brow, perhaps a tip of the brim to bygone eras when civility was the norm?

Crystals and pearls, likening to both the man-made and natural realm.

A bit of fringe to shake – do they like dancing?

Nightshade and Opium


Just as there’s been precious little sewing until Sewing Camp, there has also been precious little beading going on.  It’s only been in the past month or so I’ve been able to return to the beading table.

While I haven’t started any new projects, I have been able to finish some that have been “in the works” for quite a while.

I don’t usually tend to make things using identifiable or semi-precious stones, but these caught my eye.  They are snowflake jasper I found at a lapidary shop.

I fiddled around, trying to figure out what to do with them; the irregular shapes were what attracted me, but didn’t make deciding on a finished project easy at all.  I auditioned various accent colors, looking for something that would pop.  The focals were interesting, but lacked zing.

The brooch was the first piece I finished.  I liked the various magentas and pinks. Then I bezeled the other three cabs, but had no idea what to do with them.  So they sat.  Lost and forlorn, waiting for inspiration to strike.  I wish I could take as long a holiday as inspiration took!

That said, inspiration finally returned, and I put the remaining three cabs together into a necklace.  As a group, they remind me of something you might find in Victorian times.  Dark, but not the total black of mourning.  Maybe a little wicked.  Maybe something Mr. Hyde would have given to his mistress.  Maybe something she would have taken for herself.

Basically Blue


img_4256Try as I might, I just couldn’t come up with a catchy phrase for this post.

I’ve done: blue butterflies, sugar skulls, Day of the Dead and many others, but the Muse of Alliteration was missing.  Gone.

So, this post is just Basically Blue.  Can I blame the lack of creativity on exhaustion after the Giftmas holiday?  I thought not as well…

A Day of the Dead paper collage, replete with gears and glitter, sealed beneath a glass cabochon.  The cab is further decorated with a mix of copper, blue and bronze seed beads.

I knew when I finished the bezel that this little skull was destined to be a necklace.  There were even blue beads of the appropriate hues in stash, blue not being a color I use frequently.  Copper accents play off the gears under glass.



img_4252Every time I look at this necklace, I think it needs to be worn by a gentrified lady wearing hoop skirts in the drawing room of a long-ago plantation.

Must be something about the colors.  Or the hair style.

A Day of the Dead cameo beaded round in pink, peach and gold, strung with champagne pearls and bi-colored crystals.  There are even gold beads, just because.