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Sweet Sugar


img_4267Sweet enough to eat.  But I wouldn’t.  You might break a tooth.

Another Day of the Dead image immortalized with a glass cabochon.  Also another foray into expanding my color palette, as I am not at all a pink person.

The skull is highlighted with bits of sparkle, then encased under glass.  The surrounding beads are a mix of 8°, 11° and 15°.

To keep the necklace from becoming totally saccharine, there’s a baby blue picot around the focal.

This piece was shouting loud and clear that it did not want to be a brooch.  So, necklace it is.

For continuity I used the same beads in the strand as are in the bezel.  A few hand-formed pink links allow for adjust-ability.  The whole is back with a Southwestern faux leather.



img_4325 implied by Varro, and is positively affirmed by Seneca, Augustine and Servius
Wife of Neptune.
Ruler of the Seas.

All the time and effort that went into this necklace certainly make it fit for a Goddess.  A Goddess of the Seas.  Colors of the ocean, seen from the sea floor looking up at sunlight.

Truth be told, I got a little carried away.  I had so much fun working on Seychelles, playing with how the various bead sizes could create dimension, I didn’t stop to think how much time it would take to create a necklace using the same principle.  With the same bead sizes.

Perseverance paid off.  I present Salacia.




img_4302Doesn’t this bracelet remind you of sea shells in the Seychelles?  Those lovely oyster colored beads, fresh picked from the beach?

I had a bunch of delica beads that have been singing their siren song “Choose Me!  Choose Me!  Stitch with Me!” for quite a long time.  I finally succumbed, and Seychelles is the result.

The primary band is a mix of green and chartreuse delicas.  The individual shells have their dimension created by stepping up the bead sizes:  11°, 8°, 6°.  Then stepping back down again.  They are quite dimensional.

Everything waves like fronds of sea grass.

Garden Greenery


IMG_4167I’ve found with beading, after every project that involves a lot of thought and experimentation, I need to do something simpler.  Not always easier, or less involved, but simple in the mental sphere.  Where I don’t have to work out technical problems.

That’s what sparked this bracelet.  It’s similar to the other D-ring cuffs I’ve made, in that the whole is peyote stitched, then embellished.  The D-rings close with a bit of velcro.

The newness was using 8° hex beads instead of triangles.  The hexies work just fine, though I had to be careful their sharp edges didn’t cut the thread.

Bright white “O” beads form the flower buds, while the centers are pastel delicas.

This garden ripples when you wear it!

Tin Roof!



With apologies to the B-52s.

So, a little bit of constructed deconstruction.  This started out as an existing chain, which I cut apart, decorated, then assembled.  I don’t say re-assembled because it doesn’t resemble the original at all.  (Enough with the re-re and semblances, ahem.)

The necklace is very light and delicate, even with all the rust belt colors.  I suppose I was in a bit of a color-funk when I made it, though there’s beauty even in rust, if you look closely.  11° delicas and fresh water pearls.  Hand made spiral eye pins.  Ready for a night at the “Love Shack”.

Dragonfly Lotus


IMG_4089I’ve been seeing a lot of dragonflies this summer.  Some flitting around the back patio, others (alas) in the garage.  I suppose it’s due to the wet Spring we had.

Seeing them inspired this brooch.  The cameo is very dimensional, standing out from the blue background at least 1/4 inch.

Seed beads of various sizes make up the peyote stitched bezel.  No lotus under glass this time.

The edge-work is pretty simple, having a running band of beads with crystal picots every so often.  It needed something more, so I added fringe, but not too much.  Just right, as Goldilocks would say.

Sweet Skull


IMG_4081For those who’ve been reading this blog for a while, it should come as no surprise that I’m fond of Day of the Dead.  This extends to many things skull-ish.

I stumbled on this image while smurfing the web, and had to make it my own.  Flowers.  Gears.  Glitter.

The glitter is on the flowers, though it’s difficult to see.

I continued working outside my chromatic comfort zone, this time with greys and pinks.  I am not a pink person.

The image and gears are covered with a glass cabochon; the whole beaded round into a brooch; faux leather and a pin back complete the piece.  I suppose if one wanted, a person could thread the pin on a ribbon and wear it as a necklace.  That works too!