Camo Cat

img_4193Phred loves sleeping on the cutting table, which usually means sleeping on fabric.  This time I think he’s outdone himself.  It must have been 15 minutes before I realized he was there.  He blends right in!


Limited Edition


Cat 1
Product of U.S.A

I’m not at all sure Phred’s brothers would consider him the Number 1 cat in the household, but he certainly fits the bill.
Err, box.

King of the World

IMG_2129or at least this stack of fabric

Not-so-little Phred has taken to napping atop my fabric.  I suppose it has something to do with this section of the cutting table getting  afternoon sun, and the fabric being a nice wool double-cloth.  Warm and toasty.

I know, I could put the fabric away, which would save it from accumulating cat fur, but he just looks so sweet.  Having the fabric out also reminds me that I am still on the hunt for the perfect coat pattern.

So far, none of the Big 4 have anything that intrigues me. Burda Style has a few, but I am not enamored of printing them off on the computer printer, taping everything together, then having to add seam allowances.  I’m on a mission!