It’s July.  It’s Hot.  Hotter than it’s been in previous summers.

Thankfully while the days are warm (warm by Cactusville standards, which I still use to judge how hot the days are) the evenings cool down 20 or 30 degrees once the sun sets.  Cool enough so that if one is up early, you can open the windows and let the morning breezes in.

The cats are mostly puddles of fur at this time.  Sir Puck decided this window was just the ticket to cool down before the house was closed up.  I think it’s his second nap of the morning.  Second Nap?  Second Breakfast?  He prefers the nap.


I’m Watching You

img_4192There’s nothing quite like that feeling of being watched.
Watched by a pair of piercing baby blues.
Puck keeps an eye on me while staying warm in his cat cave.

12 Paws Down

IMG_1671The Hellboys give the new Guest Bed 12 Paws Down!

There was assembly at Casa Thunderpaws this past weekend.  Lots and lots of boxes were delivered by the nice fellow in the brown uniform, which meant we had to round up our tape measures and decipher instructions not written by native English speakers.

This translates to new guest bedroom furniture.  Well, a frame and bed.  I had serious doubts about the 20+ year old water bed we had at the previous house surviving a move, so moved it was not.

The frame went together surprisingly easy.  I must say, for assemblage furniture, it is quite well made, and even came with extras of all the necessary hardware.  We didn’t have to worry about losing a nut, bolt or screw!

Having a phillips screwdriver bit for the drill was a must; that nifty little gadget made bolting the cross slats on the bed frame much easier.

The mattress is gel memory foam.  That was delivered with all the air sucked out, in a rather small roll.  Dehydrated to within an inch of it’s life.  Good thing we put the mattress on the bed before unleashing it.  Whoosh!  It unfolded with a mighty pop!

The boys were ever helpful when it came time for bed linens.  A whisker here.  A helping paw there.  When all was said and done, the bed was declared Suitable for Felines.  I imagine it’s suitable for house guests too.


IMG_1540Sunday morning it snowed.  Large, white flakes, blowing nearly sideways.  The boys, Max and Puck were utterly entranced by it.  Every so often, they would paw at the window, trying to catch a flake or two.  That’s the neighbor’s barn in the background.

We got about 4 inches.  By 2pm, the sun was out and everything started to melt.  Most of the snow was gone by Monday.