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Subtle Spikes


IMG_3727Sometimes, you want something a little edgy, without crying out to the world that you’re unique and different.  Like a glowing question mark hovering overhead: is she, or isn’t she.  That’s what prompted this necklace.

I saw some micro daggers (actually part of the Crystaletts product line) which got me very intrigued. Teeny tiny button-like daggers. Oh my!

This is the result.  The gunmetal color of the daggers and beads plays off nicely against the firepolished crystals.  The crystals are a mauve/maroon/grey color mix.

The necklace was stitched using tubular right angle weave (t-raw for the acronym enabled), then embellished with gunmetal size 6 beads and the spikes.  The black chain used as an extender was also hand made.

So, will I be making more of these, as is my wont when I discover something new?

No.  Absolutely not.  This necklace took a half-mass of crystals.  That’s 600 beads.  Until I’m once again able to visit the Tucson Gem Show, that is waaay to much stash for one necklace.




IMG_3006Yup, you got it.  Here we go again with another rendition of the 50 Shades of Crystal and the Ice Lace pattern.  This one looks like poppies to me.  I love the deep reddish orange of California poppies; that is what I tried to recreate here.

The stitching is the same as the previous two bracelets, an embellished right angle weave.  None of the rizos I could find online were quite the right color, so I opted for crystal ones instead.  They highlight the center beads, which are parti-colored red/clear.

I think I’m done with this pattern for now.  Three renditions has it firmly cemented in my brain.  Time to think about other new, exciting designs.



IMG_3010Ocean depths, a Sunken Ship

This photo absolutely does not do the pyramid beads justice.  They are the loveliest deep dark blue, like the depths of the ocean you see in those submersible documentaries.  It is also, unfortunately, darned difficult to photograph!

Deep dark pyramids, with steel crystals and stitched tubes.  The seed beads are not quite grey, and not quite silver, like ocean spray.

The tubes took forever!  Not because they were difficult, but because I tried to do them at night.  In poor lighting.  Away from home.  Not recommended.  In the end, though, the effort was worth it.  This bracelet turned out better than I imagined.  Glinty.  Steely.  Sparkly.

Ice Lace


IMG_300250 Shades of Crystal turned out so well, I thought I’d try the pattern again.  This time I used a blue and opalinecolorway, which is a bit more vibrant.  Crystals under water, perhaps?  Or icebergs once they have turned upside-down, and you can almost see through the frozen water.

The rizo embellishment has an aurora borealis finish, which compliments the milky blue druks.  I’ve added extra jump rings to the lobster claw clasp, all the better to accommodate those with wrists larger than mine – which is probably most of the female population!

50 Shades of Crystal


IMG_2945When White is not White

This bracelet was another exercise in using some of the new bead shapes that have come on the market.  Though now that it’s finished, it very much reminds be of a painting in the Phoenix Art Museum – 19th century woman wearing a long white day dress.  Closer inspection shows the white dress to be anything but.  There is pink and blue and lavender and yellow.  I want to say the painting is by Gainsborough, but that is probably wrong.

So, this bracelet was supposed to be made all of crystals, except they look so very different when put together.  The large central beads are part white / part crystal, then there are crystal clear rizos (the new bead shape) as the dangles; the small round druks have a bit of a mercurial finish to them, seed beads with a silver lining.

I am pleased.  It came out much better than expected.  Hmmm, I wonder if there are other color combinations hiding out in the bead boxes that are more than they appear.  What do you think?



What’s green and pink and gold and olive?  Why, another lovely netted bracelet, this time all done up for Spring…which has sprung with quite a vengeance here in Cactusville.

I really like the wasabi-ness of the big green beads.  They’re not kelly.  Not mint.  Not a grassy color at all.  They also work really well to tame the pink accent beads.  In the container, these were positively day-glo, they were so bright.

Hammered end caps finish the bracelet  off with a nice flourish!  Ta Da!



Popsicle Toes, Everybody Knows, Popsicle Toes

It’s a bracelet.  But I have Popsicle Toes running through my head, humming away.  So it goes.  Popsicle Toes.  Or maybe it should b sherbet?  Mango sherbert swirled with a touch of kiwi and orange sauce .  Much too much yellow to be a creamsicle.

Yes, the weather is warming up in Cactusville, and I have bright refreshing colors on the palette.  So, bright yellow right angle weave accented with orange and lime netting.  All set to wrap with a toggle clasp.  Colors fit for a springtime garden.

Pair this bracelet with a cool and comfy sun dress and your favorite strappy sandals!