img_4360This necklace reminds me of pink camellias.  Some fully open for viewing, some just buds waiting warm weather, and others fading past their prime.

The same beading pattern was used in Pinot Noir, however different colors create a totally different look.  Matte o-beads are mixed with crystal AB seeds and silver grey faceted crystals.

The innocence of the pink beads have a sweet clasp to finish.


Pinot Noir

img_4335Still riffing on the exploration of color.  Another necklace stitched with the same pattern as Saturnalia and Moon over Miami.

Looks completely different.

Round duo beads in a matte grey, accented with dark red crystals, silver o-beads and a touch of pink.  What you see when swirled red wine around in a glass.

I think this necklace has legs, to paraphrase sommelier speak.

I also find it interesting that with all the two-hole beads  that have recently appeared on the market, I can relate to these.  Most of the others, not so much.



IMG_3878Rings of Saturn

This necklace reminds me of the Rings of Saturn, halos spinning around a central core.

In fact, it was an experiment with some of the new bead shapes:  o-beads and round duos.  Round Duos are basically round beads with two parallel holes through them.  The o-beads look like tiny glass washers.

IMG_3883The stringing pattern took a while to get used to.  First you go round one way, then you go ’round another, then you move on to the next unit.  Every time I picked this piece up, I had to stop and think what direction I was going.  Sometimes the thought process did not cooperate.

There are four distinct colors which harmonize pretty well, I think.  An iridescent purple, teal seeds, purple crystal and an olive green.

Since I was going off-pattern, the necklace also had a stitching vacation as I waited for more o-beads to arrive.  And as these things usually go, the original supplier was out of stock, and I had to track down another one.  Thank goodness there is consistency among these beads!  One can expect the colors to match if they have the same number.