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Style Arc: Lotti


from Meh to Wearable

I tried wearing the New Look top/dress I made a while back several times.  We were not feeling the love for each other.  I decided that experiment outside my comfort zone (I am NOT a pink person) wasn’t working, but didn’t want to scrap all the effort that went into it either.

What to do?  What to do?

I remember that Style Arc Lotti was a pieced top, and maybe I could morph the unloved dress into something new.  This is the result.

There was enough patterned fabric in the dress to re-cut the top, blended with a bit of black knit from stash.  I’m rather pleased with myself that I was able to use the hem I had already made on the New Look as well.

Finally, something I will wear!


Saving Spots


I made this shirt last year at the Sew-In and never wore it.  Why?  Because the neckline somehow stretched out, and it sagged away from my body.  Nothing bad, mind you – no gargantuan gaposis or exposed cleavage, but it was enough to always bother me.  Don’t you hate it when those sewing gremlins muck things up?

First, I thought to salvage this top by running a bit of elastic through the neck band.  I did that, but still didn’t wear it.  While this solution worked to pull in the neckline, it also left what I considered unsightly gathers.  It looked lumpy.  Not the way it was supposed to look!

While leafing through a magazine at the local “Curl Up & Dye” I saw a similar top that had small exposed darts in the neck band.  I swear everyone saw the lightbulb appear over my head.  Eureka!

I wasn’t terribly keen on darts, per se, but I did like the idea of making the fix a design feature.

Design feature.  I like.  A nifty phrase that can be used to cover a myriad of goofs, oopsies or other momentary lapses in brain function.

I divided the neckband into 5 even sections, and stitched beads to the outside (the design feature part) as I took small 1/4 inch tucks.   This took in the excess width, and looks pretty nifty to boot!

Result:  A new top.  Just in time for Sew-In 2010.