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When Beads Go Bad


img_4374Yup, there they were hanging out on the street corner.  Smoking unfiltered cigarettes.  Being obnoxious and unkind to passers by.  Acting like they owned the world and could do whatever they liked.  Rude and uncivilized, these beads were.

So,w hat happened?  Was it poor parenting on my part?  Did they not like their comfy spot in the bin with the other reds and pinks?  Nope.  Not at all.

I left the beads, and the necklace made with them sitting in the sun on the beading table.  For a couple months.  Thinking not much about it.  Until I went to use them in another project.  Just a few dashes of hot pink would set things off.  Only to find that as I started stitching quite a number of them needed to be culled.  Their color was off.  Way off!

It turned out these were an early purchase, probably when Miyuki first came out with galvanized colors.  The older beads were not color fast.  They had sat merrily in the strong Nevada sun, bleaching themselves from pink to magenta to rust.  Bad beads!  Bad!

Research revealed that newer beads no long suffer this tragic fate.  I ordered a new batch.  BUT, just to be sure, they sat in the window for a solid month.  I wasn’t taking any chances.

Then I cut Tuxedo Waves apart, and re-did it with beads that would last.

And those bad beads?  They’re back in their flip-top waiting for another project.  Something will come along where fading beads will be called for?  Maybe a design based on a horror story?



IMG_3573Is gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

I’ve wanted to make another beaded face brooch for ages.  It just took a while to match the face with the cabochon.  Ophelia is just over 2 inches tall, and about 1 1/2 inches wide.  Large enough to be seen, but not so large as to be bulky.

The face is carved something-or-other from Tucson.  I think it’s some sort of bone.  I know it’s not proscribed ivory.

The body cabochon is dichroic glass from Weir Glass Studios.  Andrea Weir does some of the most beautiful glass, don’t you think?

The dragonfly highlights of the cabochon are echoed by the bugle beads.  I used lime and kelly green, accented with silver seed beads and chartreuse AB crystals.

The bezel is a mix of matte charcoal 15°s and milky white 11°s.

Ophelia will give a nice pop of color to that little black sweater I wear all the time.



IMG_3480A little something to keep the hands busy.

Bead crochet necklace with a hefty focal.  I think it may be agate?  Not sure.  If anyone reading this can identify the stone, let me know.  it looks like grey marble, but is not.  That much I am sure of.

Anyway, there’s sparkle along the back, courtesy of some silver lined grey 6ºs, while the front is a lumi mix, which is a little of everything earth toned.

The clasp is a hammered gunmetal toggle.  The focal pulls it all together.

The necklace rests right at the collar bone, so is suitable for wearing with casual as well as dressier attire.  I modeled it with a black v-neck sweater.

Quite striking.

Autumn Acorns


IMG_2164Light and fluffy on the wrist, some autumnal colors to go with our cooler weather.  Before you ask, yes, these are felted balls, and no, I did not felt them.  I cannot say they are beads, because they do not come with a hole through the center.  That, I had to do…with a very large tapestry needle.

Colors of fall – rich browns and golden yellows, each highlighted with some whimsical beady accents.  The beaded cones are a variation of herringbone stitch.  They are also a much brighter gold than what they photographed.  Everything strung together with deep brown and red-gold crystals.

This reminds me of the Flintstones – maybe something Betty Rubble would wear?  Large, but not at all uncomfortable.  Light, in fact.



IMG_2003We see and hear that phrase all the time:  Buckle Up!  It’s the LAW!

There are no laws associated with this bracelet!  And if there were, they would be ripe for the breaking!

A bit of Edge.

A Dash of Daredevil.

A Soupçon of Steampunk.

Time to bring out your Inner Wild!

Or just be your usual demur, composed self, and let everyone wonder what you’ve been up to…

Single and 2-drop peyote stitch.  The main band composed of size 8 triangles, with the anchor and slip of size 15s.  A pair of hefty D-rings to cinch everything together, with a touch of velcro underneath to be sure it all stays in place.



Licorice Twist Red and Black

Another intertwined herringbone necklace.  Probably the last for a bit.  The deep maroon drops are very appealing against the matte and shiny greys.  They pick up the red shades in the matte seed beads.  The shiny strand is not a solid color either, but a mix of greys and purples, which give a bit more appeal…kind of like impasto, but thinner.

This one made 100% by me, with no help.  I have finally conquered weaving the halves into the whole, which means it’s time to move on to something new.

I think this colorway will see a lot of wear during the winter, when darker colors are more wardrobe prevalent.

Necco Wafer


Necco wafers in licorice and peach

Another candy confection of seed beads.  This one in subtle shades of grey and lavender with a little peachy-pink accent.  Looks like Necco wafers to me.  Just as sweet, but without the calories!

Another herringbone necklace with scallops.  I think I am finally at a point where I am able to weave the  halves together without Prince Charming’s assistance.

The fat drops lend a lyrical quality; fun and playful.   It helps that they are a swirled-sherbert color too, with hints of while mixed in.