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Sewing Camp – Redux


Sewing camp once again did not disappoint, neither with views or camaraderie.

The first three days were lovely and crisp.  The last day we had a beautiful fresh snowfall.  Snow which did not deter us or dampen our spirits one single bit!

Usually I post about all the projects that were finished, accomplishments achieved, endeavors entertained.

Alas, this year while I was at sewing camp, my Sewing Mojo was off on holiday sipping fruity drinks.  She made brief, sporadic appearances then just as abruptly departed.

All this is a very round-about way to say I have not much in the way of finished items to offer.  There was one wadder, which has been disposed of.  One completed project (which was started at the March workshop), one pattern traced, one shirt waiting for a decision on buttons and one shrug partially completed.

I would have the shrug to show, except the plan in my mind’s eye did not mesh with reality.  Still, I was glad to have done the experimentation.  It seems the pleather I had was not suitable for an edge binding.  Glad to have found out on scraps, still haven’t decided what to use.  Oh, and the shrug is reversible.  With pockets.  On both sides.  Requires more thinking…


Camp Sew’n’Sew 2016


IMG_39772016 Camp Sew ‘N’ Sew has come and gone.  I wish it were still going, even though if it were, I would have run out of both fabric and patterns by now.  Still, a girl’s got to get a little starry eyed (stitchy-eyed?) at the thought.   As they say, all good things must come to an end.  Until Next Year!

The spread above is a small sample of what I, and my sewing buddy Earin, achieved during our 3 1/2 day retreat.  Sewing Camp starts on a Monday, and end at noon on Thursday.  Not quite four full days.

This year it was hosted at a conference center at Lake Tahoe.  Wow, talk about the view!  The room was full natural light, with the pristine blue lake and pine trees out the window.  One had to be careful not to waste too much precious sewing time staring at the scenery.

Meals were provided by the conference center as well.  Someone else did the cooking and the clean-up.  Even though our numbers (14) were small, they offered a vegetarian meal option.  Yum!  The veggie meals were so good (spicy squash rat-a-tat-tat-a-touie), some of the carnivores wanted to switch!  Dueling forks at the dinner table, almost.

There was ample room to sew – machines and sergers could be set-up side by side.  The center of the room was a designated cutting station made of several banquet tables pushed together.  There were even self-healing mats for those using rotary cutters.  A separate nook was reserved for ironing.

Lest you think we were all head’s down, sewing furiously, this was not the case.  There was visiting, laughter, banter and helpful suggestions.  We caught up on spouses, kids, grandkids, pets.  There was pattern fitting.  UFO finishing.  We even had after dinner movies.

For me, it took a full day to unwind, turn the phone off and relax into my stitching rhythm.  Eventually, I hit my stride.  What a contrast from last year’s goings-on.  Bliss!

Sewing Camp


sad-faceStarted yesterday.
I am not there.

The annual retreat for the local Sewing Guild, Camp Sew’n’Sew started yesterday.  I am not there.  I am most unhappy to be missing it this year, but alas, life has intervened and it is not to be.

Rationally, I know that had I gone a multitude of other things, (like the travails of life) would have kept my mind occupied, rather than having it engulfed by the joy of sewing and fabric and patterns, not to mention the wonderful camaraderie of like minded folk.

So, this year, I am sitting out Camp Sew’n’Sew.  There is a new venue, up at Lake Tahoe, so no actual spooks will be present.  It’s a gorgeous retreat with views of the lake, lots of natural sunshine and room to spread out.  There are even cutting tables!  Something the previous location lacked.

If I’m not there, how do I know this?  Ahhh, my sources tell me.  Informants send me texts and pictures of the goings on.  I live vicariously, seeing finished projects.

I’m unhappy, but content with this for now.  Next year the day job will have stopped throwing furloughs left and right; Grandmeow will be relocated nearby,  someplace safe.  I will have stored up oodles of sewing karma, and be raring to stitch.

Until then…more pictures, please!

Still Popular


IMG_1782Since one top wasn’t enough,  a second was also forthcoming at Sewing Camp.  Another rendition of “By Popular Demand“.

I must be under the Spell of Spring, using so many bright colors in my sewing.  The fabric was from a local shop, Going Batty, which specializes in colorful, lively prints.  Yes, it’s another quilting cotton.  Bright green snaps.  Label placement where it shouldn’t scratch.  What’s not to like?

We’re supposed to be warming up over the weekend (80 on Sunday) so perhaps I’ll get a chance to wear it soon!



IMG_1728Decisions, Decisions

There was lots of deciding over the weekend.  The sewing room was strewn with patterns and fabric.

I was trying to decide how much time I had.  Could I trace and tissue fit something new?  Was it worthwhile to spend the time?  How about morphing something new onto a tried-and-true pattern?  All the possibilities were making my brain hurt (no small feat!)

Why all this patterned activity?  Sewing Camp starts this Thursday!  That’s right, I have found a Sewing Camp, sponsored by the local ASG chapter.  While I know it will not replace my beloved Sew-In, I thought it worth a whirl.  I shall pack my bags, and head off into the hills.  No computer.  No phone.  No distractions.

I finally decided to use mostly tried-and-true (TNT) patterns.  So, there are 2 pair of capris (Jalie), two woven shirts (Louise Cutting), 2 knit shirts (Hot Patterns and Style Arc) and enough extra fabric for one more knit shirt and a pair of jeans.  Probably overkill, but it is 4 days of sewing!

Did I mention the retreat venue is haunted?