Kwik Sew 6358

Living dangerously these days, cutting into “The Good Stuff”.  This lovely thick rayon knit is from Marcy Tilton.  I think I picked it up in 2017, when they had their eclipse sale.

The front is doubled, which gives a nice heft to the top.  I did the infamous “burrito” roll on the back yoke, so that seam is enclosed.  Interesting how food descriptions morph into sewing terms, isn’t it?

The bright colors are a joy to wear during these grey winter days.


Hot Patterns: Tailored T

This time sewn with some of the alterations I needed from the original.   Center front and back pieces have 1″ take out.  I think I need to reduce the side panel a bit as well.

The print is the last of the brushed knit from Out of my MindDesigns. There was nary a strip left.

While there is no actual brown in the print, the side panels meld harmoniously into the color palette.

Simple sewing, all on the serger, with the cover stitch to hem.

Vogue 8597: The Last … for now

I think this will be the last of the Vogue cowl necks for a while.  I have 3 new ones in winter rotation, and I must admit they are coming in quite handy.  The temps here in Sierraville are in the 20s and 30s, which means combining this top with a cardigan goes a long way to keeping yours truly toasty.

I did a neckline lining again using the lime green knit.  It adds a nice pop of color, and picks up the green in the print. The fabric is a brushed knit, from Out of my MindDesigns which is a new independent fabric store in town.  They’re a little difficult to find (industrial business park setting) but the big yellow FABRIC sign gives them away.  Worth checking out.

Hot Patterns: Tailored T

Yes, tis true, the weather is getting cooler here.  That said, this top was made a while back and is just now percolating to the top of the blog.

This is my fitting muslin, if you will, made from some lovely brushed poly knit.  Let me tell you, this fabric feels soooo wonderful – both to the hand and to the bod.

About the pattern:  overall, I like it, though on me it does run big.  And as a friend said to me “A t-shirt with darts?  You have darts?”  Yes, there are small fitting darts.

The yellow side part does not have a seam, so it joins front to back.  Not the best way to fit things, hence there’s a seam straight down the middle of both the front and back to make the top wearable.  I took in an inch with each one.

Rather than try a baby hem on the sleeves, I doubled them up with the yellow, so they are heavier, and the yellow pokes out the bottom.

Future changes?  I may take some width out of the sides as well, and work on the dart placement.  It’s not quite right, though with a knit the pointies are not obvious.  Or maybe remove it all together, as I am not so well endowed as to need darts.

While the top is currently out of rotation (see comment on weather above) it will get a lot of use next year.

New Look 6150: IV

The weather is getting colder here.  27 this morning when the Princess decided she needed to go out.  We are well into fall, which means long sleeves.

This one is done just in time for the holidays!  A lovely emerald green knit with gold sequins.

I’ve made this pattern many times before, and must not be the only one who likes it, as it is still in print.  Imagine that!

Nothing unusual in the construction.  No alterations either.  Sewn on the serger and hemmed on the cover stitch.  I find that for the narrower sleeves like this, it’s easier to hem them flat, then sew up the sides.

Vogue 8793

img_4188Even though it continues in the 80s here in the Sierras, rumor has it that Fall is on the way.  OK, we’ve already passed the first day of Fall, and the weather pundits assure me that cooler weather is right around the corner.

In preparation for this Momentous Event (should it ever happen) I stitched up another long sleeve T to wear.  This is the pattern that Marcy & Katherine Tilton offer in their Craftsy class, The Ultimate T-Shirt.  Once you get the fit adjusted, it’s a lot of fun to play around with.

This time I opted to change up the collars and cuffs with different colors.  The shirt body and sleeves are all the same fabric.  Speaking of fabric, this is another one of the Nicole Miller knits from Joann fabrics.  The solid knits were in the stash, probably from when the Evil Fabric Queen was offering luscious rayons.

Wow!  Now that I see the photo, I did a darn good job of placing the design.  Wish I could take credit for actually thinking about that, but I didn’t.  Pure happenstance.

Style Arc: Maggie 2

IMG_4032I made a resolution with myself to clear the cutting table this summer.  All the fabric piled around the edges waiting, waiting, waiting.

A second rendition of the Style Arc Maggie was just the ticket.  Both pieces of fabric were from the Phoenix Sew-In RumMage sale.  It’s been five years since I attended, so that will give you an idea of how long this has hidden in the stash.  It’s reached an age of being wearable (similar to wines that are drinkable).

The fabric is a rayon woven.  Quite drapy, and most suitable for Maggie.

I made two changes this time around.

The band collar is 1/4 inch larger than the original pattern.  I attached it using a modification of the Louise Cutting collar technique: it was sewn to the blouse body before the band top was stitched.  I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it’s really a much easier way to do this.  I’m also pretty sure there’s a tutorial on youtube somewhere.

The second change was adding more width to the back, having the pleat be fuller.  I wanted more floatiness.

I wore this with leggings and ballet flats. There were many compliments.