Jalie 968: Get Shorty

Not much to be said about these.  The weather is still warm.  I still needed shorts.  There was enough of this linen print (originally made into capris) for shorts.  I used my TNT pattern.

‘Nuff said.


Jalie 968: Shorts

As has been previously mentioned, it’s become quite warm here. Warm enough that more shorts are in order.  The current batch in the dresser have truly seen better days.  Stained.  Stretched.  Torn.  and otherwise abused.

It was time to make more.  These are from fabric acquired I-don’t-remember-where, which is apparently a store I frequently shop, because I have acquired a lot of fabric from them.  It’s mostly cotton, which makes it perfect for warm weather.

The pattern is my TNT pants from Jalie, alas long out of print.  The sewing was pretty straightforward.  I even remembered that the seams are 3/8 rather than 5/8 inch, which corresponds the width of a 4-thread overlock.

For once, I’ve finished apparel appropriate to the season, and should get a lot of wear out them.

Jalie 968: Shorts

IMG_4155It is finally cooling down here, (stop laughing!  90+ is considered warm by Sierraville standards) though for a while it was rather toasty.  Toasty and smoky, what with all the fires in Northern California.

Anyway, my increasing girth (Dessert?  Sure, I’ll take two!) created  a shortage in the shorts department.

I used my standard Jalie pattern (which I think is now out of print) to remedy the situation.  Fabric is a very well aged cotton from stash.  So well aged that it had fade stripes from sitting in the sunlight.

IMG_4157I cut the legs about 1.5 inches wider, as shorts don’t fit as close to the body as jeans do.  The other change I tried was using some leftover knit as the waistband binding.

The first try had the knit stretching as I sewed, so it was ripped.  The second try I used Wonder Tape to hold the bottom side in place, folded over the top, then stitched.  Much better!  Now it’s super soft and comfy against my skin.

I’m not sure how often I’ll use this technique, but I do like it.  The inside feels much nicer than a serged edge on the waistband.

Burda: 6897 – Finishing Up

IMG_3678I know, a post about snow, followed by a post showing shorts.

Makes no sense.  I am truly all over the map in my sewing.

But, there was incentive to finish things up, and get the sewing table cleared of all the partial projects.  Perhaps this is one of the things that has contributed to my lack of posts?  Perhaps the rest of the chaos going on here?

Either way, I present, for your viewing and reading pleasure, another rendition of the Burda City Shorts, # 6897.

The fabric is a rough cotton from the local home dec fabric store.  At $3 / yard, I doubt it’s linen, though it has that heftiness to it.

I made one alteration, which was to raise the pocket openings by an inch.  Big Mistake!  Somehow, this threw off the whole fit for the waist & tummy.  I have no idea why, as there was no change in the width, but change it did.  Ripping of seams, and resewing ensued.  Now they mostly fit, though not as good as the first pair.  I see pattern research in my future.

These will go in the amoire for now, to wait their turn come spring.

Burda 6897

IMG_3521These are Burda Style 6897, a pattern for dressier shorts.  I elected to make up the walking short length.  There is also a shorter length, though not short-shorts.6897

These are the second muslin.  I tape measured the tissue, then cut what I thought was the appropriate size and made a muslin.  Those turned out a bit wonky.  This second attempt is much better.  A 1/4 inch here, an 1/8 inch there, these subtle tweaks make all the difference.  There’s still one or two more to incorporate, but overall most wearable.

Hmmm.  Shorts.  As I look out the window right now it is grey, windy, chilly and raining sporadically.  The mountains have snow.  The little remote weather station says it’s a balmy 44 degrees outside.  It doesn’t tell the wind chill.

What ever possessed me to make shorts?  Well, these were started several months ago, when the weather was more akin to summer than winter.  The windows were open.  The sunscreen was out.  Shorts were in (ahem) short supply.

Rest, Repeat – 5857

Flora flaunts more Shorts

Another pair of McCalls 5857.  These went together a bit faster, since all the tweaks and twiddly bits were worked out in the first pair.  The way sewing should be.

It is very much like me to be making shorts at the end of shorts season.  These were supposed to have happened much earlier in the year, or better yet, in the Spring of last year, which is when I got the pattern.  Better late than never!

Modifications to this pair was adding some pockets to the back.  One can never have too many pockets!  I used an existing pair of pants to determine pocket placement, matching up the waists, then chalking in the pocket edges.

The second photo provides a truer color representation.  These are a dark purple.  Like the previous grey pair, this fabric was  finished incorrectly, making it difficult to get a prefect straight edge.  I haven’t purchased much yardage from the local Craft Emporium of late.  This reminds me why.

McCalls 5857

Flora says it’s still warm enough for shorts

These are McCalls 5857, a pattern that’s been aging in the stacks for at least 2 years, possibly longer.  The plan was to sew up several pair before the weather warmed up.  Obviously, that never happened!

Still, today is in the 90s, and tomorrow 100 is expected, so I shall get some use out of these.

I used the pants sloper that I made at our ASG work shop back in February to adjust the fit.  This meant that I could do the majority of the sewing without all the fitting and twiddly bits, until it came time to put on the waistband.

The fabric is a cotton twill from the local Big Box Craft Emporium.  It was finished off-grain, so even pulling a thread across the width did not yield a true straight edge.  OK for shorts; I would not have turned this fabric into pants – the legs would have skewed crooked.

The pockets are my usual leftover print.  I put the label inside the pocket so the edges don’t even have an opportunity to scratch my skin.  Simple Sewing.  Shorts.