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quoth the Raven

Or something to that effect.  It’s been a while since I’ve ready Edgar Allen Poe, still his writing does stick with one.

This necklace is for no particular reason other than finding some very uniaue Day of the Dead pewter bird skulls.  If you look closely at the photo below, you can even see they’re decorated with bas relief rosettes.  How cool is that!

The focal is a mix of shiny and black matte beads, with small pops of color to keep the piece lively rather than funereal.  Digging through the stash unearthed (pun intended) some pewter skulls which are randomly strung on the neck strap.




Carolina, with every color under the rainbow.  Or very near to it.

A necklace with paper collage and beaded surround.  She’s been just the bright and  lively ticket to chase away the doldrums.

She smiles.  She twinkles.  I bet she even has a secret she’s not sharing.

Basically Blue


img_4256Try as I might, I just couldn’t come up with a catchy phrase for this post.

I’ve done: blue butterflies, sugar skulls, Day of the Dead and many others, but the Muse of Alliteration was missing.  Gone.

So, this post is just Basically Blue.  Can I blame the lack of creativity on exhaustion after the Giftmas holiday?  I thought not as well…

A Day of the Dead paper collage, replete with gears and glitter, sealed beneath a glass cabochon.  The cab is further decorated with a mix of copper, blue and bronze seed beads.

I knew when I finished the bezel that this little skull was destined to be a necklace.  There were even blue beads of the appropriate hues in stash, blue not being a color I use frequently.  Copper accents play off the gears under glass.



img_4252Every time I look at this necklace, I think it needs to be worn by a gentrified lady wearing hoop skirts in the drawing room of a long-ago plantation.

Must be something about the colors.  Or the hair style.

A Day of the Dead cameo beaded round in pink, peach and gold, strung with champagne pearls and bi-colored crystals.  There are even gold beads, just because.

Sweet Sugar


img_4267Sweet enough to eat.  But I wouldn’t.  You might break a tooth.

Another Day of the Dead image immortalized with a glass cabochon.  Also another foray into expanding my color palette, as I am not at all a pink person.

The skull is highlighted with bits of sparkle, then encased under glass.  The surrounding beads are a mix of 8°, 11° and 15°.

To keep the necklace from becoming totally saccharine, there’s a baby blue picot around the focal.

This piece was shouting loud and clear that it did not want to be a brooch.  So, necklace it is.

For continuity I used the same beads in the strand as are in the bezel.  A few hand-formed pink links allow for adjust-ability.  The whole is back with a Southwestern faux leather.

Ghoulish Delight


IMG_3746What can I say, every ghoul needs a little bling for her anniversary, don’t you think?  To celebrate ours, I made this necklace.  It doesn’t clank ominously like a true denizen of the dark might prefer, but it has a nice little rattle when worn. Skulls, candy corn colored crystals (say that three times fast!) and hand-made chain.

That’s right, all the purple chain started as a bag of jump rings that I had purchased with a specific project in mind, only to find out when they arrived that they simply would not do.  Being a purple sorta girl, I had to find something to use them in.

All the eye pins were made by hand as well, using colored copper wire.  I’ve found the Wirework Findings class over on Craftsy.com to be incredibly useful.  Lisa Niven Kelly is a great inspirational instructor.


Skull – No Crossbones


In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day I decided that I needed something to wear.  Targét was having a T-shirt sale, and you know I can never leave well enough alone.  So, here you have it, my pirate shirt.  Not flouncy.  Not fluffy.  Absolutely not channeling Jack Sparrow, but suitable all the same, methinks.

A winter T, the color of a roiled up ocean, dark green with churned debris.  I like this color.  The added bits of sparkle are heat-applied skulls, courtesy of Qia Graphix.   They came in a package of 2000, so I think I have enough to last, well, the rest of my lifetime!  Very thin metal, with glue on the back.  The hardest part was deciding how to lay them out.

I think the sleeves need a little decorating too.  But not around the wrist, as I always push my sleeves up, and the skulls would scrunch.

Oh, and the shirt is not splotched – that is some sort of artifact from the flash and a dirty camera lens.