Fish out of Water

It’s a little difficult to tell, but this is our water retention pond – basically it only gets water when we have a lot of rain.  Better than having the water pool at the house foundation, which is what used to happen.

Anyway, we’ve had snow on and off the past couple weeks, and  Big Fish was covered in snow so much, you can barely tell what he is.  Big Fish in a Little Pond.



While we don’t heat the house with wood (propane instead), it’s nice to have some on hand.

Weather like this is just so conducive to a fire in the fireplace.  There’s something primal about having a fire nearby; it creates a sense of safety, warmth and camraderie.

This is also Ghia’s favorite toybox.  She will pull logs from the pile and run around the yard with them, then sit down for a good gnaw when she’s done playing.  I wonder if that’s her secret to such pearly white teeths?

Last Day of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, which made Thursday the last day of summer.  Usually that’s a chance to do one more outdoorsy, sunshiny traipse through fields type of outing.

Not so much.  Instead, we woke up to snow.  Snow on the mountains.  What started out as a dusting of powdered sugar in the morning turned into some very wintery conditions as the day progressed.  Rain.  Wind.  More Rain. Did I mention rain?  Rain at elevation turned to snow.

I’m hoping this is another good year of snow pack.  We still need the water.


I think we may have had our last snowfall.  Of course, now that I’ve said that, we will probably get inches more.  Since the Hellboys don’t go outside, Prince Charming thought they would like to explore snow, so he scooped up a bunch and brought it indoors.

They were absolutely NOT interested.  Not even when I took a bit and let them sniff around.  Nope.  Cold.  Wet.  No thanks!  That response even from the one who likes water, and drinks out of any running faucet.


Not Quite Yet

IMG_3874time for Spring.

Though we had some highs in the 60s and almost reached 70 last week, consistent warm weather was not to be.

Which is actually fine by me, as we are still in a drought situation, even with more snow this year than we’ve had in the past 3.

Snow?  Yes indeed, I will take it.  Moisture of any sort is still very welcome.

I even remembered to fill the bird feeders before the storm.

Can’t have our feathered friends going without.