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Basically Blue


img_4256Try as I might, I just couldn’t come up with a catchy phrase for this post.

I’ve done: blue butterflies, sugar skulls, Day of the Dead and many others, but the Muse of Alliteration was missing.  Gone.

So, this post is just Basically Blue.  Can I blame the lack of creativity on exhaustion after the Giftmas holiday?  I thought not as well…

A Day of the Dead paper collage, replete with gears and glitter, sealed beneath a glass cabochon.  The cab is further decorated with a mix of copper, blue and bronze seed beads.

I knew when I finished the bezel that this little skull was destined to be a necklace.  There were even blue beads of the appropriate hues in stash, blue not being a color I use frequently.  Copper accents play off the gears under glass.




img_4252Every time I look at this necklace, I think it needs to be worn by a gentrified lady wearing hoop skirts in the drawing room of a long-ago plantation.

Must be something about the colors.  Or the hair style.

A Day of the Dead cameo beaded round in pink, peach and gold, strung with champagne pearls and bi-colored crystals.  There are even gold beads, just because.



img_4334I recently helped out at the Artisan Store during an artist reception.  As a result, the featured artist, a potter, gifted me with one of her handmade ocarinas.  It’s it beautiful?

I was so completely surprised!  It called out to be more than just a whistle, so I dug out the beads and it became a necklace.  With beads already on the table, a bracelet followed suit.  I didn’t have anything in the white / silver vein.  Do now!

Surprising how many garments it goes with.

I was also surprised at how much fun it was to do some stringing.  It’s been a while since I’ve not had to think about needles, thread, patterns and tension.  Stringing is much more immediately rewarding.

Rouge Royale


IMG_4172So, after the Tour of Renaissance Italy I still had crescent beads left over.  Not enough for rosettes or anything large scale.

I hate when that happens!  Leaves me with little bits and pieces of things scattered all about.  So, I started noodling around.

You know noodling.  When your mind wanders while your hands are busy, and the two reconnect at a later time.

Anyway, noodling around with needle and thread created these lovely beaded beads out of the crescent remnants.

They remind me of melons, so I made the lot with teensy tiny 15° orange seeds between the slices.  Large deep red crystals are combined with bright gold spacers, as well as smaller pink crystals.IMG_4173

I wasn’t sure about the pink (not my color, as you well know), but it works.  The whole necklace has a red/gold cast to it, which seems very rich.  Rich in a Downton Abbey / Manor House way.  Velvet and candle light, with a comfy chair in front of the fireplace.  Perhaps a glass of port.



IMG_3684flitting through the air

That’s what this reminds me of.  A nice combination of bead weaving and stringing.  A little glitz.  A bit of glam.

The “swallows” if you will, are peyote squares of graduating sizes, small, large, back to small.  They were strung with warm bronze bugle beads and forest green crystals.  The swallows move, flipping back and forth – a nice touch.

This is another idea whose implementation took much too long.  I think it lived in the UFO box for a couple years?  At least a year, of that I’m sure.  I’m so glad it’s done, and even happier it turned out so well.



IMG_3644around and around and around she goes!

I suppose if you were to drink too many, you might too!

A lovely green spiral for Spring.  Sassy.  Sprightly.  Maybe even a touch Sour.

The focal is another peyote spiral created with a mix of seed beads, from sizes 6º through 15º.  This size variation gives a nice textural element – in and out.  All about.

The legs (if you will) of the necklace are strung with a different mix of beads:  glass, metal, acrylic.

Just the thing for a swinging summer’s day.

Spiral Bound


IMG_3491Sometimes things just need to percolate for a while.  This necklace is one of those times.  I made the spiral focal ages ago, thinking to thread it on a length of cording or ribbon and wear it that way.  Didn’t look right.  Not happening.

So I put it aside.  For over a year.  Then it came time to clear off the beading table, because there was just too much stuff piled on it.  A new discovery!  The old spiral!

It took some playing around to decide how best to use this focal.  An afternoon was spent digging through the bead bins, auditioning one round lovely after another.  I finally hit on this combination.

It’s quite the mash-up:  glass druks, pewter, mustard jasper, glass coins, metallized beads and of course 4 different sizes of seeds.