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Style Arc: Panel Laura


Another foray into sewing the “The Good Stuff”.  This is a panel print knit from Emma One Sock. I think a shipment from the Netherlands.  She gets the most beautiful fabric!

I had one panel of this to work with, and wanted to make the most of it.  There wasn’t enough for sleeves, but there was for cuffs on sleeves.  I did that instead.

The pattern is the Laura.  I modified it to remove the front and back yokes. Also made it a little wider, as these are pajamas.  Comfy jammies at that!

When everything was sewn, all that’s left is the scrap to the right.


Style Arc: Pin-Up Kim


What can I say, I’m a sucker for unusual, novelty fabrics.  While browsing online this one caught my eye immediately!  It’s a light weight ITY knit.  The pin-up girl is printed directly down the center, surrounded with the polka-dot blobs (for want of a better description).

This unusual repeat required cutting out the Kim swing top in a single layer, which was fine, as the asymmetrical hem requires single layer cutting.  Gee, you’d think the two, pattern and fabric, were made for each other!  Perhaps they were.

The sewing was on the serger, very straight forward t-shirt construction.  What you can’t see from the photo is that Ms. Saucy Locks has red rhinestones decorating her attire.  Being the subdued person I am, I added more rhinestones, so she sparkles when she swings.

Now that the weather is warming up, the plan is to wear this with leggings and flats.  It will be the perfect top for Saturday errands.

Style Arc: Lotsa Lotti


The recent issue of the American Sewing Guild newsletter had an article about garment sewing from scraps.  Basically showing runway designs and recommending patterns that lend themselves to reduced yardage.

The light bulb went off, and I realized that’s what I’ve been doing all along with the Style Arc Lotti tank top.

It’s perfect for using those knit fabrics you love, but don’t have enough of to make a full tank.  While the pattern shows three different sections both front and back, it’s easy to merge the third section into the first and make it with only two different fabrics.  That’s what I did with this top.

I know, a black tank top?  What can I say, white as the accent wouldn’t have worked with two dark-furred cats, and I don’t look good in tans.  Black is basic.  Black is classy.  Black it is!

Lana, Repeat


IMG_2139I did so much tweaking on the first Lana top, I had to make another.  If only to see that I could (A) understand all my changes, (B) still have all seams, notches and markings line up and lastly, continue to have the pattern fit as expected.

Here’s the result: a resounding YES!  It fits much better than the original.  Everything lines up appropriately.  My notes were not as cryptic as I feared.  Whew!  What a relief!

Now, to the important, pressing question – why are the sleeves a solid color?  Nudge, nudge, wink wink answer – I ran out of fabric.  I’ve already made another top from this knit, and there was simply not enough left over for sleeves.  Creating an edging ties everything together, so my lack of fabric becomes a design feature.  Nifty, don’t you think?  Design feature.

Style Arc – Laura


IMG_1890This is my take on the Style Arc pattern, Laura.  A fitting muslin, out of the last of the vibrating purple stripe fabric.  With color blocking.

I am surprised at how well it turned out.  Except for my usual forward shoulder adjustment, there were no changes to the pattern.  Everything went together über easily.

Style Arc is a pattern company out of Australia.  They come in one size, tending to be much closer to ready to wear.  The company is also very helpful when it comes to translating your size (in US inches) to their size (in centimeters).  The patterns come printed on heavy paper, and look to be hand drafted.  I like ’em.  They feel substantial.

Anyway, back to Laura.  Technically it’s a dress, but in my life, it will probably become pajamas.  I just don’t see myself swishing about outside the house in a white dress…even with stripes that make your vision vibrate, that’s asking for trouble.  That said, there is some other fabric on the table waiting to turn into Laura…and that is suitable for public consumption.