Style Arc: Kaleidoscope Kim

Another quick sew, the Style Arc Kim swing top.  This one in a riotous kaleidoscope of colors.

Since I’ve made this top before, there’s were no fitting adjustments.  Sewn on the serger.  It took me longer to cut it out, since it’s cut single layer than it took to sew it.

It’s comfy.  It’s cool.  I’ll wear it with leggings.


Hot Patterns: Plain & Simple

img_4207It’s amazing how many T-shirts one can make from 2 yards of wide fabric.

I think this knit was 54 or 58 inches wide, and it’s yielded two (count ’em, Two) long sleeve tops.

Granted, they aren’t fancy, ruched, gathered and oddly patterned LS tops, but they’re tops all the same, and will get a lot of wear.

Not much to be said about the sewing of this one.  It’s my TnT Hot Patterns Plain & Simple T with the boat neck option. I have the older pattern, not the newer Redux version, though I’m sure they are pretty much the same.  There’s turquoise binding on the neck for some winter pop!  3/4 length sleeves, so I don’t risk dunking things into my coffee.


Tangled Jammies

img_4206Not to be confused with tangoing in your jammies.  Which I am sure would be a wonderful way to start the day.

A drifting bunch of ginko leaves on a T-shirt, with a pair of lounging pants to go with.

Each leaf has a different tangle in it, with shading and a background color of bright teal.  Different sizes too, but you can see that.

So, what makes these jammies?  Once I finished the tangles, I realized the T-shirt was too thin, well, too thin for me to be wearing in public.  And I needed jammies.

The bottoms are morphed from Jalie 926, a very old pattern long out of print.  The fabric a nice ponte knit, which hasn’t yet (keep your fingers crossed) pilled in the wash!

As we start to transition to cooler weather, these should see a lot of wear.  In fact, I’m wearing them now.  What’s that?  Doesn’t everyone blog in their jammies?

Deco Gecko

img_4185I’ve had this mud-colored t-shirt in the “Must Do Something with This” bin all summer.

First, I thought I would embroidery on it.  Then I thought I would dye it or something (not that I dye much these days).

Zentangle to the rescue!

The gecko just called out to be tangled.  Then colored.  Then blinged.  (Blinged.  Is that a word?  Well, it is now!).

I used some of the new tangles I learned (note piano keys across the mid-section), then added a pop of color with red stripes and crystals.

This gal is ready to do the Tangle Two-Step!


Tangled T

IMG_4181Grandmeow (also known as Mom) was greatly taken with my Tangles Tennies.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a pair for her which she says fit comfortably.

So, instead of tennies, I made her a Tangled T.

The actual tangling was great fun, but boy, oh boy, the freezer paper (which is ironed on the back for stability) and I had quite a few choice words.

I could NOT get it to stick.  There must be some secret I am unaware of, or perhaps it was an old roll and had lost it’s stick-um.IMG_4182  Repeated ironing finally did the trick, but not without fear of burning the cotton T-shirt.

Some of the tangles are official (fescu) some I suppose you could say are made up, or I don’t remember their names.  Take your pick!  Either way, I think they turned out well.

Of course, one must be as fashionable going as coming, so I added smaller flowers to the back.

Grandmeow is very happy…but she still wants my tennies.

Style Arc: Lotti

IMG_4007Just as I was starting to think about what to make for sewing camp, Style Arc had a sale on their on-line patterns.

These are PDF downloads from their Etsy store.  I admit to being an old-school sewist, and don’t much care for the PDFs.  All that taping and matching before you even get to fitting and sewing?  Just not the way I roll.

But…  Lotti caught my eye.  I liked the color blocking, as well as the fact that it took so little fabric.  Hmmm, maybe those leftover favorites I’ve been hanging onto could still be used?

I checked their measurements against my own, then printed off only the size I needed (the download comes as a sizing 3-pack).  Rummaged around in the knit bit auditioning fabrics, until I came up with this combo.  The print is the very last bit.  I think there may be a 2 inch strip left over.  And if you’re wondering, yes, I still kept it.  It could be binding!

The solid colors are from stash.  I keep a variety of solids around “just in case”.  You never know when you’ll need a pop of color.

I didn’t have enough of the print to attempt matching the stripes (throw caution to the winds!).  The sewing was straight forward.  The fit is great.  A scrappy stylish summer top!

Plain & Simple – Revisited

IMG_4008First up from Sewing Camp is a revisit to the Hotpatterns Plain & Simple T-shirt pattern.

They have since re-issued it, but I have the original.  I started off by comparing the pattern I had traced many years back with the hard paper, then comparing that with the new found knowledge of possibly needing an FBA.

All these measurements required re-tracing the front patterns.  Patterns?  Yes, there are three different front styles:  v-neck, round-neck and boat neck.  They all attach to the same back.

The arm scrunchies (as I tended to call the mis-fitting wrinkles) were the result of orignally cutting down the armscye.  Retracing fixed this.  I did a small FBA as well.  Is that an oxymoron?  A small FBA?

The top above is the fitting muslin, made from a light weight ponte.  Probably from one of the Fabric Mart sales.  All these changes ended up in a much more comfortable top.  I am very pleased.