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Style Arc: Lotsa Lotti


The recent issue of the American Sewing Guild newsletter had an article about garment sewing from scraps.  Basically showing runway designs and recommending patterns that lend themselves to reduced yardage.

The light bulb went off, and I realized that’s what I’ve been doing all along with the Style Arc Lotti tank top.

It’s perfect for using those knit fabrics you love, but don’t have enough of to make a full tank.  While the pattern shows three different sections both front and back, it’s easy to merge the third section into the first and make it with only two different fabrics.  That’s what I did with this top.

I know, a black tank top?  What can I say, white as the accent wouldn’t have worked with two dark-furred cats, and I don’t look good in tans.  Black is basic.  Black is classy.  Black it is!


Style Arc: Lotti, Lotta Lotti


As the weather turns warm (let’s not count that cold spell from last week, where the mountains got snow) thoughts turn to easy breezy attire.

Another rendition of Style Arc’s Lotti in the last of what I’ve taken to calling the “stoplight” fabric.

There was enough fabric to adjust placement so another wardrobe faux pas didn’t occur, but beyond that not a scrap was left.  The fabric stash unearthed a complimentary ponte to use as the second third.

Second third?  Hey, look at the pattern: 2 distinct fabrics, separated by thirds.  Second third.  Shhh!  Don’t tell Strunk & White.  That’ll be our little secret.

Sewn on the serger.  Hemmed on the cover stitch.  Worn by Moi!

Style Arc: Lotti


from Meh to Wearable

I tried wearing the New Look top/dress I made a while back several times.  We were not feeling the love for each other.  I decided that experiment outside my comfort zone (I am NOT a pink person) wasn’t working, but didn’t want to scrap all the effort that went into it either.

What to do?  What to do?

I remember that Style Arc Lotti was a pieced top, and maybe I could morph the unloved dress into something new.  This is the result.

There was enough patterned fabric in the dress to re-cut the top, blended with a bit of black knit from stash.  I’m rather pleased with myself that I was able to use the hem I had already made on the New Look as well.

Finally, something I will wear!

Style Arc: Lotti


IMG_4159There was just a smidge of fabric left over from making the Floribunda Angry Milkmaid top, but I was loathe to toss it.

That’s what’s so great about the Style Arc Lotti – the color blocking uses up all the leftover knit scraps.  The only caution is the scraps should be of the same weight, otherwise things wobble, and pull and well…look hodge podge and askew.  Don’t ask me how I know…

Of course, when the color blocking craze runs it’s course, and is no longer fashionable, who knows what I’ll do with the leftovers.  Perhaps it will become my style.

Fashion is Fleeting. Style Lasts Forever.



IMG_2946No, you are not hallucinating.  You have seen this fabric before.

This is the last of it.  Not quite a yard, but still enough to make one more Festival Fringe T-shirt.

The pattern is from Hot Patterns, and offered as a free download at Fabric.com.

I’ve made several of these, and keep coming back to it.  I think that qualifies it as a Tried-aNd-True (TNT) pattern.  No real changes to the pattern this time either.

Though the stripes are technically horizontal, the zigging and zagging, as well as the spots don’t make a body look wide.  At least, I don’t think so.

The stripes are not perfectly level either.  That is an artifact of the print, rather than cutting the fabric off-grain.  A simple sew, which will see a lot of wear.

Kwik Sew: 3790


IMG_1979This will probably be the last of the tank tops for this year.  I know, never say never, which means I’ll get a bee in my bonnet and sew up a bunch more.

Another great knit print, paired with a Kwik Sew pattern that just needs a yard of fabric.

I’ve blogged about this pattern before, over here, where you can see the pattern changes I made, and again here where the ruching shows up better in the photos.

The ruching is still there in this top, just a bit more difficult to see with such a busy print.  Still, it gives the top shape and interest.  The most difficult thing about sewing this pattern?  Making sure all those gathers are evenly spaced.  Once you have that down, it’s easy peasy, nice ‘n’ breezy.

Even though McCalls now owns the Kwik Sew line, this pattern is still in print, at least according to their web site.  It comes as a long sleeve version as well, though I’ve not tried that one.

More Festivals


IMG_1981The weather continues warm here at Casa Thunderpaws, which has prompted the need for a few more tank tops.  Once again, I’ve gone to my TnT pattern for these.  It’s the Festival Fringe T available as a free download from Fabric.com

It takes one yard of fabric, which makes it über easy to make.  A couple of seams on the serger and they’re done! The option for center front and back seams gives  myriad fitting opportunities.  Or you can choose to omit them all together.  You choice!  I also like the little cap sleeves.  Good for warding off a bit of chill should the wind start to blow.

The fabric on the left has been aging in stash for quite a while.  The one on the right is a recent acquisition.  The shirt below?  The very last dregs from the Teagarden T.IMG_1946