Now that the friends and relatives have left and the house has returned to normal, we all need a little tranquility.

A necklace of soft blues, like waves lapping the Caribbean shoreline.  Soothing.  Soft.  A brief respite away from the upcoming hustle and bustle that closes out the year.

Blue tile squares and firepolish crystals accented with silver seed beads waving too and fro.


Can’t Elope

IMG_4142or would that be cantaloupe?  As in melon?

Either way, a very melon-colored necklace.  All the bright colors of fresh fruit.

Still using tile/tila beads, this time with some great chartreuse seeds and bi-colored crystals.

The curves remind me of melon slices, sweet and refreshing!

Tuxedo Waves

IMG_4125Enough with the brooches, much as I love them.  Time for something completely different! And a tad less intensive.

I had picked up some clear tile/tila beads when they were first announced a couple years back, and was never really smitten with them.  All the designs I saw made from them seemed complicated for the sake of being complicated.  Complicated I can do quite well without fancy two-hole beads, thank you very much.

Then I thought what if I were to use the tile/tila beads as a joining point?  A slew of colors were auditioned, but it wasn’t until I started stitching I was sure the bi-colored crystals and metallic magenta seeds would work.  I’m not a big fan of pink, so was concerned this would look too sweet.  It doesn’t.

Can’t you just see Madeline Khan wearing this as she dances to “Puttin’ on the Ritz” from “Young Frankenstein”?  Top Hat.  Tuxedo Tails.  Tap shoes.

Copper Connection

IMG_2792This bracelet is another exercise in moving outside my comfort zone.  In this case, that refers to the colors.  I don’t gravitate to blues very much, unless they are of the denim clothing variety.

I was also asked if I ever made jewelry that would be suitable for men.  This is my attempt at both – different colors and (possibly?  hopefully?) a more masculine feel.  I’m not sure if this bracelet is a success on those fronts or not.  What do you think?

Supply-wise, this bracelet is all over the map.  There are 6°, 8°, and 11° seeds, 11° cylinder beads, as well as some of the new tile or tila two-hole beads.  The two-hole beads are at the ends, starting and stopping.  They give a substantial feel to the clasp too, which is nice.

Splish Splash


The backsplash and range hood are done too!  Actually, these have been done for a while, but were not photographed until recently.

So far, none of the cats has dared to walk on the range hood glass.  When we had the temporary hood, which was all metal, they took great delight in trotting all over it – a regular kitty expressway between the cabinet tops.

coffeeThe backsplash tile wraps all the way around the kitchen, making clean-up from both the stove, sink and coffee station quite easy.

Yes, that is a purple toaster tucked into the corner.  While the overall kitchen is blue, grey, black and white, the accoutrements are quite colorful.

There’s a yellow tea kettle, a red coffee maker and a bright green coffee grinder.  Kitchens should be bright and cheery!  They are the heart of a home, after all.