StyleArc: Lotti from Less

Another make from Sewing Camp.

This time Lotti used the last of the combo pack from Marcy Tilton Fabrics.  The front is one print, the back another.

The stripe was a lucky find from the stash – an ivory and black knit where the stripes ran vertically, against the stretch of the fabric.  Why don’t fabric manufacturers make more stripes like this?

Nothing particular about the sewing, as I’ve made this top many times before.


HotPatterns: Riviera Cote D’Azure

This was the last piece in the combo pack from Marcy Tilton Fabrics.  To my mind, the print wasn’t as coordinating as the other two, though the colors were.

Either way, with one yard, there was plenty to make a nice summer top.  The ivory and black stripes in the binding echo the same component in the print.  I was very pleased when the accent stripe was unearthed.  Even better, the stripes run vertically, so I could use the fabric on grain, getting maximum stretch where necessary.  Woohoo!

Nothing special about the sewing.  Seams were serged and the cover stitch used to hem.

Vogue 8793: Mix ‘n’ Match

Another completed project from sewing camp, worn just the other day.  Like I said, temperatures have been varying wildly here in Sierraville.  One moment there’s rain, snow and hail (all within the same hour), the next, we’re approaching the 90s.  Welcome to Spring!

The fabric for this top was a combination package from Marcy Tilton Fabrics. Their combo packs consist of 3 one-yard cuts of coordinating fabrics. This top uses two of them.  Marcy, Katherine and the Art Barn staff decide what coordinates.

I used a block print for the front and one sleeve, and a brush stroke for the back, and the second sleeve.  I chose a nice bright blue (cerulean?) accent for the shawl collar and the remaining cuff.

While I’m not prone to wearing a lot of blue, this color pulls from both prints to make things pop.  No, I don’t feel lopsided wearing this top.

Since I’ve made the pattern several times, there weren’t any issues or concerns sewing it up.  Easy peasy.

Style Arc: Time for a Lotti!

There was just enough of the printed fabric to eke out another StyleArc Lotti.  The print is from Marcy Tilton Fabrics, the remains of a long sleeve top I made during the winter.

This pattern is becoming one of my go-to summer tops.  More interest than a standard tank top or t-shirt, comfortable, simple to sew.

I raided the knit stash to find a coordinating solid color.  The lavender comes close, though it does not exactly match any of the colors in the print.  Not sure it has to…

Sewing was simple, as I’ve made this pattern before.  I decided to match the armhole bindings with the body color, rather than contrasting them.  Now that the weather is warming up, I’m sure it will see lots of wear.

Hot Patterns: Plain & Simple T

No, you’re not hallucinating, the Emma One Sock ponte is making another appearance.

Two yards provided enough fabric for two tops.  The second is another TnT pattern, a golden oldie from the original Hot Patterns line-up.

The hard part was finding the right shade of green, in an appropriate weight to use for the neck and sleeve bindings.  Matching greens over the internet, on one’s computer screen is no easy task.  I think this worked out well.

Again, since this is a TnT pattern, there were no changes.  I played around with the neckline, and put in a double row of green binding at the edge.  It’s a design detail which I think takes this from a basic-T to one with a little more elan.  After all, that’s why we sew!

Kwik Sew 6358 – Ponte

A project completed at Sewing Camp.

I fell in love with this ponte knit when I saw it on the Emma One Sock web site.  The bright greens overlaid on the plaid seemed just the thing to wear during the winter months.  The ponte has some stretch, though not a lot.  It’s beefy!

Speaking of winter, I am wearing it this week.  It’s May.  We are having rain, hail and snow.  I won’t talk about the wind.  Brrrr!

I’ve made this Kwik Sew pattern many times, so there weren’t any changed needed.  A fun top to sew in an afternoon.

Kwik Sew 6358

Living dangerously these days, cutting into “The Good Stuff”.  This lovely thick rayon knit is from Marcy Tilton.  I think I picked it up in 2017, when they had their eclipse sale.

The front is doubled, which gives a nice heft to the top.  I did the infamous “burrito” roll on the back yoke, so that seam is enclosed.  Interesting how food descriptions morph into sewing terms, isn’t it?

The bright colors are a joy to wear during these grey winter days.