Style Arc: Holiday with Brooklyn

When shopping for the stretch velvet, I couldn’t decide between the yellow flowers and these peony looking purple ones.  A black Friday sale sealed the deal, and I opted for both.  Indecisive?  Me?  Never!

This is a stretch velvet, which has a more casual feel.  the embroidered sections are thick, but malleable, which made sewing on the serger a viable option.  Careful sewing, but on the serger just the same.

Similar to the Kwik Sew pattern, I used a black ponte knit for the cowl and cuffs.  There are pocketses too.  A girl needs her pocketses.

Again, I thought I would have this done before the year end holidays, and that didn’t happen.  Why?  I couldn’t decide how to hem the darn thing!  A simple turn-under hem would mean the wrong-way nap would be hitting the back of my legs, causing the top to ride up. No thank you.  In the end, I stitched a band of tricot knit to the bottom, and used that as a hem facing.  Seams to have worked pretty well (pun intended).


Hot Patterns Classix Nouveau Peasant

We all know that sometimes fabric just has to age, like a fine wine.  Other times the fabric is owned by a lazy person, like moi, who couldn’t decide what to do with it.

After a year of it sitting on the cutting table, and having a certain relative enter the sewing room, give it a pat, and exclaim what a lovely print it was, the light bulb finally went off, and I had a “Eureka!” moment.  There was a little over 5 yards of this print, and it’s 60 inches wide, more than enough to stitch up something as a holiday gift, and still have something left over.

The Classix Nouveau Peasant Blouse had already been somewhat fitted to the recipient, so it would be a matter of simple sewing!

Based on the first top (not blogged about) I took out some of the width of the patterns, and also enlarged the neck band by 1/4 inch in width.  This helped the neckline lay closer to the body.  I also block fused interfacing to the neckband fabric before cutting it out.

That’s one of the things about challis – it has a mind of it’s own once it’s cut, and I wanted that neckband to hold it’s shape.  The bulk of the seams were serged, and a baby hem added to the bottom.

The blouse was well received; an unexpected wardrobe addition.

Kwik Sew 2874: Party Time

I picked up this fabric thinking it would be a nice piece to make into something for the holidays.

Truth be told, I don’t know what I was thinking, as I do not live an embroidered velvet life.  As I thought about what to do with it, I realized as a velvet knit, it could become something simple, and being polyester, didn’t require the care a “true” velvet would.

Enter Kwik Sew 2874, a raglan sleeve top I’ve made many times before.  No fitting or fussing needed.  Even better, I could wear the top outside the hoildays, with jeans!

Cut with a nap layout, sewn on the serger.  I used black ponte for the neckband, rather than try to fold that embroidery.  Everything went together much easier than I expected.  The moral of this sewing?  Fancy doesn’t have to mean difficult!

Hot Patterns: Tailored T

This time sewn with some of the alterations I needed from the original.   Center front and back pieces have 1″ take out.  I think I need to reduce the side panel a bit as well.

The print is the last of the brushed knit from Out of my MindDesigns. There was nary a strip left.

While there is no actual brown in the print, the side panels meld harmoniously into the color palette.

Simple sewing, all on the serger, with the cover stitch to hem.

Vogue 8597: The Last … for now

I think this will be the last of the Vogue cowl necks for a while.  I have 3 new ones in winter rotation, and I must admit they are coming in quite handy.  The temps here in Sierraville are in the 20s and 30s, which means combining this top with a cardigan goes a long way to keeping yours truly toasty.

I did a neckline lining again using the lime green knit.  It adds a nice pop of color, and picks up the green in the print. The fabric is a brushed knit, from Out of my MindDesigns which is a new independent fabric store in town.  They’re a little difficult to find (industrial business park setting) but the big yellow FABRIC sign gives them away.  Worth checking out.

Vogue 8597: Again!

Another rendition of the Vogue top.  This pattern is so comfortable!  Especially when made in a brushed knit.  Having spent two decades in Cactusville, I couldn’t resist the the cacti.

Rather than hem the cowl, I tried something different. Adding a contrasting fabric to line it.  The lime green peeks out a little bit when worn.  For now, the lining only anchored at the rear cowl seam.  I will have to anchor it in a couple more places for it to lie smoothly.

HotPatterns: Riviera Cote D’Azure Too

There was enough of the brushed knit left over from Vogue 8597 to make one more top.  Imagine that!

This one is the sleeveless version of the HotPatterns Riviera Cote D’Azure top.

Since I’ve made this one a couple times, the sewing was relatively simple.  Only real tweaks were adjusting the v neck so it wasn’t too low and lay flat.  But then, I always have to do that on this top.

It will be a while (as in next year Spring) before this top is worn, but that’s OK.  I’ll have something new to look forward to when the weather warms up.