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With the onset of warm weather, I’ve found my color palette has shifted in the same direction.  Orange. Yellow.  Red.  White.  The colors of summer.

The central cabochon of this brooch is dichroic glass.  What doesn’t show in the picture is a sparkle of gold, like marbled veins throughout.

The rest of the brooch is embroidered with various beads – two-holed triangles and diamonds, seed beads of differing sizes, and a few crystals thrown in, just because I could.

The back is as usual, faux leather and a pin finding.




img_4281After all the effort (pleasurable effort, but effort none the less) that went into Salacia, I had to take a break and do something simpler.  More fun too!  With larger beads!

Revers is a reversible herringbone bracelet stitched with size 8 Toho triangles.  Toho triangles have sharper points than Miyuki triangles.

Herringbone stitch creates a flexible and slinky band which is a joy to wear.  Sensual and stylish.

There’s an option for a mostly cream bracelet with teal peeking through, or teal with cream peaks.  Your choice!



IMG_3367Red Hot lava poking through a band of chrome triangles.   Bracelet fit for a firebrand!

More new bead shapes, or better yet, how about triangles galore?  There are two different types of triangles in this piece, does anyone know which is the new shape?  Yup, the lava-colored ones on top.  They were introduced the same time as O beads were.

I must have been feeling very angular when I made this – all those triangles, the new, the old, the young, the aged.  I digress.

The overall construction is one readers are familiar with: an odd count peyote band stitched from Toho traingles, with the D-ring strap made from 11º Delicas, the whole embellished with tiny flat matte triangles.  (Try saying that three times fast:  flat matte triangles).

Serendipity played a part as well.  The Delicas and tiny triangles are almost the same color, but were acquired years apart, and are manufactured by different companies.  Who knew!



IMG_2587I am stumped.  I have no idea what to call this piece.

It’s another triangulation, stitched with a combination of herringbone and peyote.  The beads are a mix of delicas, crystals and drops.  It can be worn as a brooch (there’s a pin back) or as a necklace – that’s the gold loops showing at the top.  Very versatile.  Very bright.  Very…confusing.

Rather than leave it un-posted until my wracked brain comes up with a name, I thought it might be fun to involve the greater Blog-o-sphere community.  So, it’s time for a little reader participation.

What should this piece be called?
Leave a comment!
Tell me it’s name!

7/4/2014: First off, a huge thank you to everyone who suggested a name for this piece.  I liked them all, which made it a difficult choice.  In the end, the winning name is a combination – I now present to you:

Sun Drops

Pearled Posts


IMG_2581More Triangles!

This set is a pair of earings with post backs, and a brooch.  If one wanted to turn the brooch into an necklace, it could be pinned onto a ribbon or a satin cord of some sort.  Simple enough to do.

In my mind, the colors are both demure and vibrant.  Interesting combination to have in the same piece.  Not sure how that happened, but there you go!

The center pearls are glass, rather than actual nacre.  I suppose I could have used real pearls, but they always seem rather delicate to me – be careful with detergents, oils, make-up, etc.  I much prefer a no-fuss no-muss direction in my beadwork.  That just makes life so much simpler.

Checkerboard Whimsy


IMG_2601Another in the series of triangle sets; necklace and earrings.  This time in a blue, lavender and lime green mix.  Like the previous sets, these are Delica beads created with a mix of peyote and herringbone stitches.

I like the checkerboard on the ribs.  Adds a bit of whimsy, don’t you think?

No checkerboard on the earrings.  I tried that, but they are too small (about the size of a quarter).  Looked too muddy.  Lever back ear wires, so no chance of loss while wearing.  The pendant is strung on a cable with magnetic clasp.

Suit Suite


IMG_2577Don’t these triangles look corporate?  They’re ready for the boardroom.
The large corner office with a view.
Partner even.

Three shades of grey delicas running the gamut from matte to shiny, highlighted with light ceylon yellow ribs, finished with sparkly crystal drops tipped with just the wee bit of brightest yellow.

Rather than a necklace, this set is earrings and a brooch.  The earrings hang just-so with the lever back findings.  This also insures one isn’t likely to lose them.  I do so hate losing earrings!