Honey in the Garden

Another completed project, started at camp, finished at home.  These are a housewarming gift to the new neighbors.  They’ve been here over a year.  I’m slow.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

A set of four place mats and a table runner, all based on 60 degree rules designs.  Striped fabric from Fabric.com though I don’t know if they still have this particular print.  I did some fussy cutting to be sure the phrases ran around the table runner so that no matter which side of the table one sits at there’s something to read.

The place mats are all different, featuring one part of the print or another.  Yellow backing makes everything reversible, which is rather fun.  Also good for when you can’t get out those spaghetti sauce stains.


For the Guys

All my beading to date has been with women in mind.  But this single-gender-ness got me to thinking. What about the guys?

If you look in the beading magazines and project books, anything targeted as being for men is simple and, well, boring.  A strip of leather.  A silver clasp.  Done.  I don’t think men are quite so simplistic.

So, as another self-imposed (I was about to say self-inflicted, but these were too much fun to make to get the “inflicted” designation) design challenge, I created something I though men might wear.

These are three-prong herringbone, made with Toho 8° triangles.  Supple but not drapey.  Cord-like.  When Prince Charming saw them, they got a big thumbs up.

While not for everyone, they are for someone.


img_4365After nearly a month in the creative weeds, things seem to be picking up.  Which is not to say that I made this bracelet during that time.  I did it before the holidays, then had to wait for the clasp to ship from overseas.  And wait.  And wait.

I’m glad I did.  The clasp is magnetic, which means you don’t need a third hands help fasten the bracelet.

The beads are 10° delicas.  I was going for an ombre effect, shifting the colors from dark to light.  This was a component-ized piece.  Each triangle was stitched, then they were stitched together with beady hinges.  Dark brown lentils accent the corners…because they can!

A very solid, architectural bracelet.


Pearled Posts

IMG_2581More Triangles!

This set is a pair of earings with post backs, and a brooch.  If one wanted to turn the brooch into an necklace, it could be pinned onto a ribbon or a satin cord of some sort.  Simple enough to do.

In my mind, the colors are both demure and vibrant.  Interesting combination to have in the same piece.  Not sure how that happened, but there you go!

The center pearls are glass, rather than actual nacre.  I suppose I could have used real pearls, but they always seem rather delicate to me – be careful with detergents, oils, make-up, etc.  I much prefer a no-fuss no-muss direction in my beadwork.  That just makes life so much simpler.


IMG_2569It’s been a while, I admit.  I’ve been struggling with my beadwork lately.  Stretching the boundaries of what I’ve done in the past, only to cut everything apart, sort the beads and try again.

I finally decided it was time for something different.  Something I knew I could accomplish.  Sometimes, you just have to reset your mind.  That’s what spawned triangulation.

I made a bunch of these triangles, then had no idea what to do with them.  Someone saw them and suggested they needed matching earrings.  Thus was born Triangulation.  These are based on the same principle as the three-dimensional triangle pieces I’ve done previously, only simpler.  Flat.

The earrings took a while.  Not with the stitching, which went very quickly, but waiting for the findings.  I don’t tend to make earrings much.

Anyway, peyote earring and necklace set.  Lovely warm brown and gold, strung on a tidy cable.



IMG_2318Through the Looking Glass

Hah!  I bet you thought I’d completely forgotten the Wonderland series.  Not a chance!  It’s just taken a while to figure Alice out.  I mean, she does go on adventures down rabbit holes and through looking glasses.  She’s not your average youngster, by any means.

I stayed true to what I think of as the original Alice – blue dress with a white pinifore, so there are lovely blue rivolis bezeled in various white delica beads.  Even in beads, white is not always just white, there are all different types of white.  Three different whites are used here.

The rivolis are accented with crystal drops, white pearls and some petite blue triangles with a silver edge.

I really like the way this necklace drapes too.  The heaviness of the stones help it lay flat and the length of the band is “just right”.  Alice may make the Queen of Hearts jealous!

Pop! Pop!

IMG_2312What’s your favorite flavor?

This bracelet has taken all the colors of soda pop, and made them wearable.  Orange Crush.  Fruit Punch.   Black Cherry.  Grape.

Good enough to eat!  But I wouldn’t.  You might break a tooth.  The beads are glass, after all.  So, a series of puffy triangles wending their way across the colored spectrum.  Small crystal beads on the edges to give the fiz in fizzy water.  Or so it seems to me.

This is made all-of-a-piece with peyote and herringbone stitch, starting at one end, then adding thread and changing colors.  The silver clasp picks up the crystal edges.

I used standard 11º seeds beads throughout.  The color gradation appeals to me, so I may give this type of construction another whirl with some delicas.  Those should make sharper triangles.