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Ah yes, all those bright beaded pieces. Where ever have they gone?

This bracelet is a thank you gift for someone who helped me out a while back.  She has a darker more goth sensibility.  I hope she likes it.

Two different types of purple two-hole crescent beads, mixed with black crescents and bars.  The magnetic clasp is gunmetal.

The bracelet is simple stringing, though you have to be careful to keep the crescent beads properly aligned.  Those curvy little devils like to turn backwards, which I usually don’t discover until I’ve gotten several more beads away.  Who me?  Pay attention?


Cowgirl Up!


img_4359I had a lot of fun making this bracelet.

It was a chance to use some of the two-hole crescents, as well as other two-holed brick and slice beads that I had acquired.

The stitching is fast and simple, though as always with two-hole shaped beads, one must pay attention lest you have to take things apart because they’re facing the wrong direction.

The colors are very rustic.  The clasp is embossed and magnetic, which makes it an easy-on / easy-off bracelet to wear.

This is the first piece of jewelry I have made that Prince Charming said he would wear, if it didn’t have a heart for a clasp.  I am deeply honored.  That is high praise indeed.