IMG_3367Red Hot lava poking through a band of chrome triangles.   Bracelet fit for a firebrand!

More new bead shapes, or better yet, how about triangles galore?  There are two different types of triangles in this piece, does anyone know which is the new shape?  Yup, the lava-colored ones on top.  They were introduced the same time as O beads were.

I must have been feeling very angular when I made this – all those triangles, the new, the old, the young, the aged.  I digress.

The overall construction is one readers are familiar with: an odd count peyote band stitched from Toho traingles, with the D-ring strap made from 11º Delicas, the whole embellished with tiny flat matte triangles.  (Try saying that three times fast:  flat matte triangles).

Serendipity played a part as well.  The Delicas and tiny triangles are almost the same color, but were acquired years apart, and are manufactured by different companies.  Who knew!


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