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First Fire


One evening a week or so back I looked out the window to the north and saw flames coming down a hillside.

The first fire of the season!

We were not in danger, the fire being several miles away, but in the evening light, it was spectacular, eerie and primal all at the same time.

Those flames were the inspiration for this necklace. The oranges and yellows as well as the movement of the tassels makes the whole piece feel alive.  Fire is alive too, but this is much less dangerous.

Each tassel has a peyote bezel of mixed yellow beads, then they’re strung with various other colors – cracked glass beads, matte topaz seeds, orange druks, even some glass pearls.

Just right for summer.




While sewing has been happening, there’s also been some beading going on.

An order of curved tooth dagger beads arrived a week back and I just had to make something with them.

Enter Seaward, as in heading to the sea.

The bracelet was loom woven, using a mix of blue galaxy tooths (tooths.  I just love that word) and chrome finish seed beads.  The whole is anchored with brushed steel end caps and a piscean clasp.  Edges are reinforced with a picot of silver beads.

Here Fishy Fishy!



With the onset of warm weather, I’ve found my color palette has shifted in the same direction.  Orange. Yellow.  Red.  White.  The colors of summer.

The central cabochon of this brooch is dichroic glass.  What doesn’t show in the picture is a sparkle of gold, like marbled veins throughout.

The rest of the brooch is embroidered with various beads – two-holed triangles and diamonds, seed beads of differing sizes, and a few crystals thrown in, just because I could.

The back is as usual, faux leather and a pin finding.

Light Horse Brigade


I don’t know why, this brooch reminds me of something that should be on a uniform.  Perhaps a uniform worn by one of the riders of Lipizzaner dressage horses of Vienna.

It catches the eye.  The druzy stone at the bottom is hollow, with a crystallized center that goes all the way through.  What isn’t visible, is that on the back the encapsulating bezel lets the light through – there’s a beaded frame surrounding the opening.

The horse is a carved bone bead.  The accenting embroidery is a mix of steel crystals and cobalt beads of various shapes and sizes.  I fussed for ages with how to join the two pieces.  In the end, simple is better.

Ursa Major Redux


Sometimes, it takes a while before components come together.  I blogged about Ursa Major quite some time ago, but wasn’t at all sure what it would become.

A brooch didn’t seem right.  It was too long for a necklace (or so I thought).  Than was until I said those very words, “It’s too long for a necklace” to someone, who replied “Not for me!”

Which got me to thinking…  I use my body type as the basis for sizing jewelry, and not everyone is my size (aka bird bones).  Some people are larger.  Some smaller.  Was this tunnel sizing doing a disservice to the beads?

Those three words, “Not for me!”, was all it took.

Ursa Major was finished!




Not a real word, though it sums up this necklace rather nicely, don’t you think?

Something completely different, as Monty Python would say.  Do I date myself using that phrase?  Who cares!

Funky tassels with their tips dyed orange, blue and pink.  Each tassel is bound with a peyote band of silver beads.

The necklace is strung with glass druks and silver beads in various sizes.  It’s very light.  Suitable for summer.

Dancing Madonna




This Madonna is ready to kick up her heels.  In fact, I think she has red nailpolish on her toeses.  She’s a Beatles Madonna!

The cabochon is dichroic glass from Weir Glass Studio The face is carved bone, though not ivory.

The beads are, well, all different sorts.  Seed.  Nugget.  Triangle. Crystal.  Bugle.  Probably something in between too!  I had a lot of fun creating her.  The most I’ve smiled in a long time.

She’s one crazy lady!