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Fit for a Queen

This is another one of those projects that spoke in fits and starts.  First to pipe up was the green druzy focal.  It said “Make Me!  Make Me!” which I did.  Only to have it’s voice descend into senseless babble once completed.  Make you I did, but now what?

I put the focal aside, knowing it would pipe up once it’s partners in bead-dom appeared.  Bringing home some bright gold spacers had everyone chattering.  They were exactly what was needed.

Emerald green druks, various green and topaz crystals and a necklace fit for a queen.  I thought the rough and tumble nature of the druzy would fit Boudicca, Celtic Warrior Queen.




After spending what felt like forever on the kaliedocycle, I needed a beady palate cleanser.

Something simple which didn’t require too much thinking.

Crescent beads and a newly arrived package of two-holed cabochon beads were just the ticket.

Of course, me being me, I had to try a completely different thread path for the second bracelet, to see if it would assemble differently.  It did.

Not better. Not worse.  Just different.  Now I’ve a mind to try the same basic design with a few modifications, and see if I can’t get an sine wave going.  That could be fun.



This post is going to be full of eye candy, so if you’ve a mind to skip something so image rich, please do so now.

For some time the beading world has been taken with kaliedocycles.  I first came across them through the great photography and design descriptions over on Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. Beady sculptures containing energy and a basis in science…where did this come from?

What is a kaliedocycle?  Good question.  What they remind me of are those folded paper puzzles we used to make in grade school, where each face had a name or number on it, and you’d generate sentences or find answer to questions or any number of things.  Anyone remember those?  I think they were called fortune tellers or chatterboxes.  So, a kaliedocycle is sort of like that, except with beads; tetrahedra that fold and bend.

The colored faces and engineering intrigued me.  So, of course, I had to try it.

This cycle was made with 10º delicas. The standard is to make them with 11s or 15s, but I wanted something a little larger.  I think it’s 9 beads on a side for each triangle, then they’re joined (the little white beads) and hinged.  The whole piece is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

The fact that there are joins as well as hinges took my old brain a while to decipher.  Thankfully Kate McKinnon provided some wonderful videos on how it all works.

Now that it’s all done, I find I’m a bit disappointed.  While the whole structure moves, it feels floppy in the hand, not substantial as I thought it would.  Could be because I used larger beads, or because I made larger triangles, or both.

I have a mind to try again with smaller beads or smaller triangles, but that’s a project for the future.  For now, we stare at each other going “Hmmmmm.”

Twinkle, Twinkle


I’ve been working on this piece for a while.  It’s 11° Delicas, which take more time.  Now I’m stuck.  I like where the design has gone so far, from a flat zigzag to a lovely flower once some of the corners were joined.  Now I’m stuck.  Next?

Originally I had thought a brooch, but it’s too large (hence the ruler in the photo for scale).  The rivoli makes it more of a statement piece.  It’s too delicate to hang from a necklace as a focal.

I’m not one for making the types of huge neck pieces that the beading competitions seem to like.  As the song says, “Where Do I Go from Here?”

If women wore hats, I think it would look great on a fancy chapeau, maybe with some silk flowers and point d’esprit lace.  But really, when was the last time you wore a hat?  A Real Hat?

Think.  Think.  Think.



All the spikes of this necklace remind me of starfish arms.  Each one reaching out, heading in a different direction.

Not that starfish arms (legs? tentacles?) are prone to wandering off on their own.  If they did, what would become of the star?

I digress.

The necklace is the result of some teal bugle beads I’ve had for ages, and always wanted to use.  They met up with a mixed bag of spikes, some pea soup colored crystals and the rest, as they say, is history.

Blue enameled chain finished off the back, as I didn’t want anyone being poked or prodded by the pointy-pointies.

I’m not sure there are even blue starfish in “real life” but does it matter?  Let’s have a surreal life instead!

First Fire


One evening a week or so back I looked out the window to the north and saw flames coming down a hillside.

The first fire of the season!

We were not in danger, the fire being several miles away, but in the evening light, it was spectacular, eerie and primal all at the same time.

Those flames were the inspiration for this necklace. The oranges and yellows as well as the movement of the tassels makes the whole piece feel alive.  Fire is alive too, but this is much less dangerous.

Each tassel has a peyote bezel of mixed yellow beads, then they’re strung with various other colors – cracked glass beads, matte topaz seeds, orange druks, even some glass pearls.

Just right for summer.



While sewing has been happening, there’s also been some beading going on.

An order of curved tooth dagger beads arrived a week back and I just had to make something with them.

Enter Seaward, as in heading to the sea.

The bracelet was loom woven, using a mix of blue galaxy tooths (tooths.  I just love that word) and chrome finish seed beads.  The whole is anchored with brushed steel end caps and a piscean clasp.  Edges are reinforced with a picot of silver beads.

Here Fishy Fishy!