Moon over Oyster Bay

This brooch reminds me of oysters on the half shell.  Or perhaps the clumps of bivalves one sees when diving in a bay.  Then there’s that full moon, so perhaps it’s really one of those magical, metaphysical dreams that opens doors to the new and fantastic.

This is also a collaboration with the wonderful silk artist, L. Noel. I picked up some silk ribbon, which she very graciously agreed to dye.  She uses French silk dyes, so the colors are vibrant and intense.

The full moon cabochon is an antique, made during the US occupation of Japan after World War II.  The whole pin is edged with gold 15° seed beads.  There’s also some square gold beads; moonlight reflected on the bay.


Wagons Ho

Definitely working outside my color comfort zone to create this salmon pink brooch.

I believe the cabochon is from the 40s or possibly earlier.   Black image on glass.  I don’t even recall where I got it.  Probably one of the vendors at the Tucson Gem & Mineral show.

The solid pink beads are antique French 8°s.  A little less uniform in shape that today’s 8° beads, but that’s their appeal.  The color is unlike anything I’ve seen before, not an AB, not a solid but something in between.

The whole is finished with a pin back and faux leather.

Jingle Jangle Bangles

Every so often my hands need a break for the hand stitching most of my beadwork requires.  Sometimes I just want to cut loose and do “something completely different” as Monty Python would say.

Over the weekend I went digging through the bead bins, looking for things I haven’t used in a while; beads that seemed lost and forlorn, the bumpy beads I bought when I first started, stuff that was cluttering up the table even.

These three bracelets are the result.  They were such fun to make!  Lots of silly colorful beads all hooked to link bases.  One link.  Two link.  Red link.  Blue link.  It’s even  fun writing about them.

Complimenting Colors

We’ve all heard the phrase opposites attract.  Electrons and positrons.  Yin and Yang.  Sweet and sour.

Colors have opposites on the color wheel too.  Complimentary colors like yellow and purple, red and green.

This is my experiment with complimenting colors.  We all know the standard, red & green for Christmas.  But I wanted to see if they cold play nicely sans season.

I think they do.

This necklace has a magnesite focal disk with some unbalanced embellishment (and aren’t we all a little off-kilter these days?), topped by red crystals.

The greens are antique chinese pressed glass.  I used milky white crystals and accents to bring everything together.  Finished with a fish clasp because, why not!

Golden Ore

Not exactly flashy, not exactly demure.  Somewhere in the middle, wouldn’t you say?

I think the golden magatamas would glint in the beam of a miner’s lantern, showing the way to riches buried deep under the earth.

Thankfully, this bracelet is right here in the open, no digging necessary.

Stitching this makes one pay attention.  Those magatamas are very directional.  Thankfully the center druks and the joining 8°s are not.

Everything is held together with a nice strong clasp.  Click!

Taking Flight

The acid green beads on this necklace remind of beetle wings, the shiny green ones flittering and skittering about on a hot summer’s night.  Though it is now neither hot, nor summer, that’s what it brings to mind.

I’m not much of one for jumping on the bandwagon of all the new beady shapes that have come to market.  So many of them seem single purpose to me.  Or perhaps that’s just a lack of vision on my part.  Either way, this piece was the result of noodling around with some oddly shaped beads, and seeing what I could add to them.  There are some teensy acid green crystals there, if you look closely, as well as the usual seed beads and crystals.

It works, though I think it hums rather than sings.  Maybe that’s a good thing…


Fit for a Queen

This is another one of those projects that spoke in fits and starts.  First to pipe up was the green druzy focal.  It said “Make Me!  Make Me!” which I did.  Only to have it’s voice descend into senseless babble once completed.  Make you I did, but now what?

I put the focal aside, knowing it would pipe up once it’s partners in bead-dom appeared.  Bringing home some bright gold spacers had everyone chattering.  They were exactly what was needed.

Emerald green druks, various green and topaz crystals and a necklace fit for a queen.  I thought the rough and tumble nature of the druzy would fit Boudicca, Celtic Warrior Queen.