Tensha is a handcrafted Japanese bead, which is made by applying the design to a solid substrate. This can be painted freehand, using stamps or other transfer means. The bead (or in this case, cabochon) is then coated with lacquer. This makes the design resistant to scratches, as well as adding visual depth.

The cabochon in these earrings is made using the tensha proces; the earrings are embellished with golf flowers, red cabs and seed beads.

Brown Bagged Rock

Ok, so there’s a story behind the title of this post. I went to my ever trusty rock-hunting source (aka Google) and typed in “brown rock”. What came up was landscape rock. Landscape rock in all different sizes, hence Brown Bagged Rock.

This brooch is not for use as landscaping (though I suppose one could wear it in a photo shoot), nor is it bagged, though it is brown. So, one out of three.

I have no idea what the stone is. It’s embellished with rice beads, faceted rounds and seed beads. The twisted rope around the edge compliments the focal colors nicely.


A fancier pair of earrings, playing around with different materials and textures. These have antique kimono fabric buttons (say that three times fast!), carved bone, coral chips, charming metal feathers and seed beads.

The kimono fabric has been in stash for ages, waiting for just the right use. It’s scrap / leftovers, which I bought my the pound years ago from a place that dismantled old kimonos and upcycled the fabric into other things. I think they may have made handbags. Anyway, the question was, what to do with these lovely little squares? Turning it into buttons reminds me of tensha.


Tectosilicate. Now isn’t that a word that just rolls off the tongue. Something one uses in every day conversation. Something to pique dinner table discussions. Then again, maybe not so much.

Sodalite is considered a tectosilicate mineral, meaning it has the chemical composition Na8CL2. Sodalite became used an an ornamental (jewelry) stone in the early 1890s, when large deposits were found in Canada.

Sodalite and freshwater pearl brooch, surrounded by various seed beads.

Hippity Hoppity

I was influenced by all the Easter displays when I made these earrings. Pastel eggs. Cute chocolate bunnies (eat the ears first!). Plush stuffed animals.

The silver bunny charms seemed so appropriate. Using one’s imagination, the shaded blue cabochons could be robin eggs. Or maybe those swirled malted milk eggs. Take your pick!

And of course, one rabbit has attitude – see that cocked ear?