IMG_3006Yup, you got it.  Here we go again with another rendition of the 50 Shades of Crystal and the Ice Lace pattern.  This one looks like poppies to me.  I love the deep reddish orange of California poppies; that is what I tried to recreate here.

The stitching is the same as the previous two bracelets, an embellished right angle weave.  None of the rizos I could find online were quite the right color, so I opted for crystal ones instead.  They highlight the center beads, which are parti-colored red/clear.

I think I’m done with this pattern for now.  Three renditions has it firmly cemented in my brain.  Time to think about other new, exciting designs.



IMG_3010Ocean depths, a Sunken Ship

This photo absolutely does not do the pyramid beads justice.  They are the loveliest deep dark blue, like the depths of the ocean you see in those submersible documentaries.  It is also, unfortunately, darned difficult to photograph!

Deep dark pyramids, with steel crystals and stitched tubes.  The seed beads are not quite grey, and not quite silver, like ocean spray.

The tubes took forever!  Not because they were difficult, but because I tried to do them at night.  In poor lighting.  Away from home.  Not recommended.  In the end, though, the effort was worth it.  This bracelet turned out better than I imagined.  Glinty.  Steely.  Sparkly.

New Look: 6150


IMG_2999I’ve been getting so much wear out of the first top I made using this pattern, I had to make another one.

Now that I understood the construction details, I decided to experiment a bit more with the fabric choice.  Instead of an ITY knit, I used a soft jersey, which was listed as being an athletic knit.  I’m not sure what makes it athletic, though the pajama pants I made from the bulk of the fabric have not pilled after several washing, so I am happy.

The top is made from those remnants, which were  a little over a yard in length.  It was a wide knit, maybe 60 inches, so there was plenty of fabric.

The solid color shows off the ruching and gathers much better than in the first top.

The shawl collar and gathers were all done with a straight stitch.  I stabilized the back shoulders with fusible interfacing.  The main vertical seams were all sewn on the serger.  Hem an armholes were finished with coverstitch.

I was a bit concerned about having 4 layers of fabric at the front hem, so I snipped away some of the under wrap at the hemline.  This made the front much less bulky.  The weather is still warm, so I hope to get a lot of wear from this top.

Satin Pyramid



This bracelet is made for a Glamazon.  Someone that knows who they are and where they are going. Someone larger than life, and large in life as well.

It’s also the result of getting a little carried away.  Before I knew it, I had lost count on the spacing rows, and well, there were more of them than expected.  The whole bracelet had so much presence, I was loathe to take it apart to remove a couple of rows.

Lovely 12mm satin pyramids mixed with super duos and clear drops.  Chrome crystals are incorporate for spark.

Ice Lace


IMG_300250 Shades of Crystal turned out so well, I thought I’d try the pattern again.  This time I used a blue and opalinecolorway, which is a bit more vibrant.  Crystals under water, perhaps?  Or icebergs once they have turned upside-down, and you can almost see through the frozen water.

The rizo embellishment has an aurora borealis finish, which compliments the milky blue druks.  I’ve added extra jump rings to the lobster claw clasp, all the better to accommodate those with wrists larger than mine – which is probably most of the female population!



IMG_2992There has been more experimentation at the beading berth.  I continue to probe the possibilities presented by new bead shapes.  This bracelet has both super duos and spikes, which are the new shapes, along with pretty much every other size bead I have in stash – 6º, 8º, 11º, drops and druks.  A veritable pantheon of beads!

The stitching was fairly standard, a modified right angle weave, which wove from side to side.  I am ever so pleased with how the bracelet turned out.  The colors, while dark, are very rich.  The textures ask to be touched.  The spikes suggest a certain edginess.





IMG_2956There I was, last Tuesday, at the local Farmer’s Market, when an absolutely intoxicating scent overwhelmed me.  Ah!  I was standing next to the fresh strawberries.  Even in late August (which it was, last week) they were still ripe with sunshine and warmth.  The epitamy of Summer.

Can scents become inspiration?  Even when one is not a parfumier?  I certainly believe so, and this bracelet is a fine example of that!  The ripe red of the berries, the light pink of the centers.  A little prickly on the outside from the seeds.  Yum!

So, what mermaid would wear this? (All the dagger bracelets are in the Mermaid Series).  I have no idea, but she obviously spends time around the strawberry patch.  Fruity Mermaid?  Midsummer Mermaid?