First Fire


IMG_2929This was the view from our bedroom window a couple weeks ago.  It’s looking North, towards the major highway that runs through town.  Our first fire of the summer.  We were never at risk; still, seeing things like this so clearly in one’s back yard engages those primal instincts.  Run!  Run Away!  Run Very, Very, Far Away!

As everyone in the US knows, the western part of the country has been in drought for several years now.  This past winter once again failed to produce nearly enough moisture to keep the countryside safe.  Last year we had the Bison Fire, followed by the Rim Fire.  This one was tiny by comparison – less than 200 acres.  Like the big ones from last summer, it was lightening caused.

I hope this is not a precursor of worse things to come as the weather heats up and more thunderstorms blow through.  It’s quite a dichotomy – we need the water, but don’t want the lightening.

Sweet Hearts


IMG_2930Good Enough to Eat!

Don’t these bracelets look good enough to eat?  Little candy hearts in bright, clear colors strung together with baby fringe.  Orange, Orange!  Luscious Lemon!  Chewable Cherry! Better than bubble gum because there are no calories!*

Alas, they are not edible.  They are buttons.  Regular, every day, sew on your clothes buttons.  They don’t even have the audacity to call themselves antique, which to my mind is what makes them so much fun.  This is jewelry you can play in.  That you don’t have to worry about.  Nothing hoity-toity going on here!

The base of the bracelet is a series of string beads.  The buttons and drop beads are then sewn on as fringe, giving a very nice movement to everything.  I finally got smart and added some extra jump rings at the end (colored jump rings, to go with the buttons) which makes these bracelets more adjustable.

This adjustability was suggested by a friend whose wrists are a bit more sturdy than mine (I’ve been accused of having bird bones).  Definitely a good idea.


Copper Connection


IMG_2792This bracelet is another exercise in moving outside my comfort zone.  In this case, that refers to the colors.  I don’t gravitate to blues very much, unless they are of the denim clothing variety.

I was also asked if I ever made jewelry that would be suitable for men.  This is my attempt at both – different colors and (possibly?  hopefully?) a more masculine feel.  I’m not sure if this bracelet is a success on those fronts or not.  What do you think?

Supply-wise, this bracelet is all over the map.  There are 6°, 8°, and 11° seeds, 11° cylinder beads, as well as some of the new tile or tila two-hole beads.  The two-hole beads are at the ends, starting and stopping.  They give a substantial feel to the clasp too, which is nice.

Pearl Essence


IMG_2799I’ve picked up bead crochet again, after a several year hiatus.  No idea why I stopped doing it.  Only reason I can offer is other ideas, using other beading methods were more prevalent in my mind.IMG_2802

Anyway, this necklace came to pass, using some lovely pearlized 6° beads.  The colors drift between pale lemon, pink, white and cream. You can get a better idea of the colors in the photo to the right.

I had thought to put a lampwork focal on it, but when all was said and done, decided the necklace was best in it’s simplicity.  Silver end caps and clasp finish everything off with understated elegance.

Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts


IMG_2805Oh My!

A little early for the Hallowe’en season, I admit, but these have been in the back of my mind for ages.  Ages, I tell you!

The delightfully ghostly focals are not beads, but buttons!  They give these bracelets a silly zing, totally lacking in pretention.  (Hmm, sounds like I’m describing a wine, doesn’t it?).

The bracelet base is color coordinated strung beads (black / yellow, black / orange), then fringe is added using needle and thread.  I think the finished pieces are a nice combination of the two methods.  Even better, after the previous couple of necklaces, making these was fun and fast!  Who’s ready for a little Trick or Treat?

Ice Princess


IMG_2765I supposed one could say this is the polar opposite of Inspiration.  Opposite in terms of color and demeanor.
Frosty.  Icy.  Crystal Clear.

This necklace follows the same basic design as Inspiration, but simplified. I chose not to put crystal embellishments onto the base necklace, instead letting the multi-colored pearls take center stage.  The small 15°s in between the pearls highlight the aqua color variations.  The crystal focal is also much larger.  I think the two pieces have a nice yin / yang quality.IMG_2768



IMG_2587I am stumped.  I have no idea what to call this piece.

It’s another triangulation, stitched with a combination of herringbone and peyote.  The beads are a mix of delicas, crystals and drops.  It can be worn as a brooch (there’s a pin back) or as a necklace – that’s the gold loops showing at the top.  Very versatile.  Very bright.  Very…confusing.

Rather than leave it un-posted until my wracked brain comes up with a name, I thought it might be fun to involve the greater Blog-o-sphere community.  So, it’s time for a little reader participation.

What should this piece be called?
Leave a comment!
Tell me it’s name!

7/4/2014: First off, a huge thank you to everyone who suggested a name for this piece.  I liked them all, which made it a difficult choice.  In the end, the winning name is a combination – I now present to you:

Sun Drops