IMG_3192Still keeping with the holiday theme  in my jewelry, I thought the angels needed some company.  That lead to Frosty the Snowman.  It took a bit of digging, but I was fortunate to have white beads of the appropriate sizes near to hand.

I like how jaunty and ready for fun they look.  Some of them have little crystal squaredelles as their hat brims, others have large sequins.  I couldn’t decide which looked better, so used both.

The odd ones out are blue butterflies.  Snowmen and Butterflies?  Nothing quite like a juxtaposition of seasons!

Makin’ Moneta


IMG_3170This is Moneta, from Colette Patterns.  It is one of their first knit patterns, which was released earlier this year.  I know, it’s November, and here I am making a sleeveless dress.  Hey, I can always wear a cardigan with it, right?

Anyway, this is my muslin.  It’s even turned out to be a wearable muslin.  Amazing!

Colette Patterns are distributed in a lovely folder/envelope kind  of package.  The instructions are very good and straight forward.  There’s a spot to write notes in the back,  then the pattern tissue tucked into a sleeve.  Rather than cut the actual tissue, I traced my size onto different paper.

Now about sizing.  I thought about using the measurements on the envelope, then realized that since Moneta is supposed to fit like a t-shirt, I could use an existing t-shirt pattern and see how they matched.  So, that’s what I did.  It turned out that in the Colette world, I am a Medium at the shoulders and a Large at the waist.  Truth be told, the pattern does look like it’s drafted for an hourglass figure; being more columnar of girth, splitting sizes was the best thing to do.

Sewing is simple and easy.  All done on the serger, though if you don’t have a serger, the instructions cover sewing with a regular machine as well.

There’s even pockets!  What’s not to like?


Mound O’ Dirt


IMG_3161Progress continues on the landscaping and we are taking full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.  This is the planter outside the sewing room.  If you look closely in the window, you can see the thread extender from my serger.  If you look really closely, you may even see a cat.  Or not.

That rock border holding in the dirt is installed entirely by hand.  I was amazed when the landscaping crew started on it.  They fit all of the rocks together, chipping away at them with a sledge hammer if things aren’t quite what they’re supposed to be.  Those guys work hard!

On top the dirt will go river rock, and scattered throughout that various plants.  I think a Japanese Maple would look wonderful there, but it is absolutely the wrong exposure.  Maybe some tall grasses or flowering shrubs.  Something that thrives on neglect, given my black thumb.

Earth Angels


IMG_3187bFor once in my jewelry making, I’ve managed to get ahead of the season.  I have this bad habit of thinking up designs with never enough time to complete them.  This time, though, I have succeeded!  Earth Angels for your ears, just in time for the holidays.

These were such fun to make!  I really enjoyed them.  An opportunity to perfect making wrapped loops.  They also had me exploring the stash, looking for things I don’t normally use:  head pins, earring wires, large crystals.  All there.  These lovelies are in two sizes; the ones at the top are smaller, the bottom ones a bit larger.

A friend asked about black angels, but I think they’re just the right accent for a little black dress.

Cocktail party, anyone?

Blue Nile


Her minions row her down the Nile.  Water traffic fills the way, bringing building supplies for the pyramid.  As she disembarks, the common people remove themselves from her path.  She holds the key to power, this is her city.

A necklace fit for Egyptian Royalty.  This is a bead crochet rope, highlighted with bright copper accents.  The pendant is hand-blown glass in primary colors: red, blue, a hint of green, with copper highlights.  Truly a statement piece.  Big.  Bold.  Commanding.



IMG_3155Phred, our kitty with a PhD, has been having a wonderful time of it lately.

He loves heavy machinery, and is not at all frightened by their backup klaxon or rumbling noises.
This is his view from the back window.
Bobcat.  Boulder.  Damper.

There have been two of these (the other is a Kubota) rumbling around the house for the past week.  There result of signing on the dotted line with a local landscaping company.  Yes, Prince Charming and I finally decided it was time to do something about the  yard.  Or rather the lack of yard we’ve had for the past 2 years.  We’re also hoping this cuts down on the very, very fine dust that blows into the house whenever we have windy days.  We’ve had a lot of windy days.

It took a while to find someone who would work with us, as we have to do this in phases, with a limited budget.  The overall plans are lovely, and even this first phase will prove wonderful.  There are more trees, river rock, boulders, pavers and plants coming.  Stay tuned!

Tick, Tock


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It’s time to change the clock

Sunday at 2am, everyone in the US is supposed to change their clocks, setting them back one hour.  Well, everyone except those lucky folks in Arizona and Hawaii, who have enough daylight, they don’t need to save it.  I can’t say as I know of anyone who woke up at 2am to do this.  I know I did not.  Setting clocks is a job that requires a person be fully caffeinated!

This post has been issued as a reminder to the chronologically challenged.
Remember to set your clocks.