Turquoise Gold


IMG_2962After messing around with pyramids and superduos, it was time for something a little less complicated.  This thinking lead to the turquoise and gold bracelet above.

I love how the different bead sizes create such a serpentine look, large, then small, then large again.  Turquoise and gold as the color combination takes it from average to distinctive.

The stitching is even-count peyote.  There are several jump rings for the claps to hook into, depending on how loose or tight the wearer wants the bracelet to be.

Plain & Simple


IMG_2947Still using up fabric remnants.  This time leftovers from the New Look top I made last week.

Since most of New Look 6150 is cut single thickness, this leaves a fair amount of fabric for other uses.

Another Hot Pattern, this time their Plain and Simple fitted T.  Another TNT as well.

I made the boat neck style this time, thinking it will be a nice little something-something to wear under sweaters in the winter.  More that, than wear during the warmer months as a basic T.  The repeat of the print is much more noticeable too.  Something I didn’t see until the camera came out.

Sewn on the serger.  Hemmed on the cover stitch.  An easy, peasy afternoon.

Steampunk Pyramid


IMG_2958A little edgy.  A little rough.  I think this bracelet mixes nicely with cogs, gears, wheels and other elements of the Steampunk genre.

I’m still playing with new bead shapes, developing ideas and seeing what works.

This time around, it’s lovely copper pyramids paired with  superduo beads, accented by root beer drops.  The superduos are a copper/gold/clear blend – an odd color to photograph, as well as find companion beads to go with.  Thankfully the pyramids fit right in!

The piece is basic peyote stitch, but it took a little more thinking than peyote normally does.  Those superduos can have a mind of their own!  One needs to be sure the second hole, (whichever one is designated as such) is properly aligned.

The pyramids have two holes going through the center, which allows the beading along the edge to continue, giving the bracelet substance.  If that were not the case, it would probably be too loose and floppy.

Luckily, everything turned out well, and I didn’t have to pull or cut anything apart.  Whew!



IMG_2946No, you are not hallucinating.  You have seen this fabric before.

This is the last of it.  Not quite a yard, but still enough to make one more Festival Fringe T-shirt.

The pattern is from Hot Patterns, and offered as a free download at Fabric.com.

I’ve made several of these, and keep coming back to it.  I think that qualifies it as a Tried-aNd-True (TNT) pattern.  No real changes to the pattern this time either.

Though the stripes are technically horizontal, the zigging and zagging, as well as the spots don’t make a body look wide.  At least, I don’t think so.

The stripes are not perfectly level either.  That is an artifact of the print, rather than cutting the fabric off-grain.  A simple sew, which will see a lot of wear.

Sour Razzleberry


IMG_2937Shades of lime, pink and purple.  Toss in some magenta and blue, and another confection is born!

These are part of the same group of buttons as Sour Blueberry and Sweet Hearts.  The last of them too.  This will probably also be the last button bracelet for a while.  I feel I’ve gotten them out of my system.  At least for now.

Loops and loops of seed beads in blue.  Silver-lined magenta with blue drops and, of course, the buttons.  A dark lobster claw clasp hooking into some purple rings.  Good enough to eat!

New Look: 6150


IMG_2949There’s been more than just beading going on in the “Cauldron of Creativity”.  And really, doesn’t that sound so much better than Sewing Room or Craft Room?  Cauldron of Creativity promotes the image of ideas boiling and bubbling and roiling about.

This is one of several recently completed tops.  I realized that most of my summer fair is white or light colored, and I wanted something with a darker vibe.

This is an ITY knit from Fabric Mart, I think. Either there or Fabric.com.  Either way, it aged in the stash and is long gone from their web site.  Besides the obvious white, black and grey there is also a muted yellow in the print.  That gives it a bit more oomph!

While most of the sewing was straight forward, New Look seemed to have borrowed a page from Burda (cryptic, assumptive) for one section.  It took a couple of tries matching markings and looking at the instruction’s picture to realize where I was 6150bsupposed to be sewing.  It’s the pleat at the neckline – in case anyone else plans on sewing this.

I made view C.  As you can tell from the pattern sketch to the right, there is quite a bit of gathering and ruching which does not show well in this print.  That’s fine by me, as I was after something comfortable with a bit more style than the generic tops that I wear during the summer.

There will be more of these made in the future, I am thinking.  The neckline is neither too high nor too low.  The side ruching isn’t saggy-baggy.  The seam up the center back allows for a wide shoulder adjustment.  What’s not to like?


50 Shades of Crystal


IMG_2945When White is not White

This bracelet was another exercise in using some of the new bead shapes that have come on the market.  Though now that it’s finished, it very much reminds be of a painting in the Phoenix Art Museum – 19th century woman wearing a long white day dress.  Closer inspection shows the white dress to be anything but.  There is pink and blue and lavender and yellow.  I want to say the painting is by Gainsborough, but that is probably wrong.

So, this bracelet was supposed to be made all of crystals, except they look so very different when put together.  The large central beads are part white / part crystal, then there are crystal clear rizos (the new bead shape) as the dangles; the small round druks have a bit of a mercurial finish to them, seed beads with a silver lining.

I am pleased.  It came out much better than expected.  Hmmm, I wonder if there are other color combinations hiding out in the bead boxes that are more than they appear.  What do you think?